Some math pointers : Bitcoin and Bayes

Chart Prime

Here is My affiliate link for Chart Prime.

There are many indicators for traders and most of them are crap. To understand what is crap and what is not you need to test maybe 100s of them. Like I did. Chart Prime works as advertised. It does caprture the moves that most of indicators can not capture and that gives you an edge, when you play against of millions of illiterate people (that's the way modern financial system works since 2008).

The Chart Prime subscription costs a little bit of money, which you can make back in a single click, so it's a fair deal.

Just don't give your money to "money managers" they will steal everything. Only trade yourself, get the skills etc. The usual.

If you subscribe through my affiliate link above, I will configure the tool for you no matter what you trade and no matter what broker do you use. I will do that configuration for free. Or you can work with Prime peoples directly, they use discord for support. I use email. pault12 gmail .

Few Screenshots

Basic Euro

Euro Breaking Channel

Run of the Dollar

The top chart captured the move, the bottom chart captures the price action points when the dollar bumps into channel walls.

Oct 14 2022

Selling Crypto Top during NY Session

Oct 17 2022