I study Bitcoin for a while now ( is my website, it runs one old version, I made a bit of progress since then)

Zero knowledge proof - read it.

So, you want to do another Dash fork

Short answer : don't

At this point of the game it makes little sense. Better find some existing powerhouse and help them. The question is not how long the fork will take, but would it be allowed to happen at all. Miners don't like when somebody disrupts the status quo and they have lots of power. Obviously. I've been contacted about dash forks several times by this time. One of the last McAfee projects was a dash fork. I have a way to make your project happen, but it will not be the way you want. Instead of running towards a disaster, first need to build defense. Defense will be your own token (like then circulation, then bonding curve. It's not a big deal really. Just do what this guy did: Story of Energi - (Not an endorsement of their timeline, but it's endorsement of their method, that can be applied to pretty much any case).

October 22 2021

For the 4 letter words, let time be X then ROI(fork) = 1/X but ROI(rewrite) = k*X^2. k = F(market cap)

May 31 2022

V(n+1) = V(n) + n, but in reality V(n+1) = V(n) + k*n, where k = F(n+1) and k is a sigmoid of sorts

Jun 19 2022

For a supply chain length N, reliability becomes a function of (k*N) , *not* 1/(k*N) - k is still a sigmoid, but let's forget about it. In a nutshell, "less autarky for territory, more for individual" is the net positive. The exact opposite is "more autarky for territory, less for individual". Currently there are very few zones of insanity on this planet, but their number grows.

Jul 10 2022

Either I'm wrong, or they are wrong by one letter. I think they are wrong by one letter. Reality will resolve

Jun 19 2022

They are definitely wrong by one letter. How many people understand crypto at all, I wonder? A little gap between intuition and reality can consume countries. Because intuitively they implement the same formulas, only intuition is not a replacement for calculus. "Flat Earth" is comforting for a while, until it is not.

Jun 20 2022

Energi peoples removed the blueprint but it is still in archives

Jun 02 2022

Figured out *why* green Energi peoples removed their blueprint. Green are oh so shy. And that will get them in the end.

Jul 16 2022

Why bitcoin is unique:

1) Fungibility: Unlike other commodities (like oil, wheat or even gold), there are no varieties, purities or geographical versions of bitcoin. A bitcoin is a bitcoin. 2) Transportability: Bitcoin has no physical manifestation. As a result, it can be instantly transported from one location to another, anywhere in the world, at a cost approaching zero. 3) Exchange Tradability: Most commodities trade over-the-counter or rely on representative, derivative futures contracts because they lack the characteristics listed above. Bitcoin is unique in that it trades directly on exchange, allowing for open price discovery

October 26 2021

The head of the snake is in Europe

November 03 2021

What is my angle

I do bonding curves. It's not much, but I do them better, than many people on this planet. They moved all the people, who do that, from USA to HK. The last ship sailed a few months ago.

  1. In this 'crypto bubble' the only thing that they care about is how much (legal) money you can make using your idea (whatever the idea is).
  2. They don't fund nobody (that's by design, the logic is that if you can't make money trading, you don't know what you're talking about).
  3. Not only they don't fund, they take pride in trying to steal from you (because "should be solid") basically, there are many unspoken rules in that crypto bubble.

November 04 2021

What is Bitcoin?

They ask many people about it recently and (professional) people tell bunch of nonsense. The reason is that we all have our limits. "Internet is a series of tubes" was not really far off. If Internet is a series of tubes to transfer bits and bytes, Bitcoin is a bunch of bits and bytes. With *huge* (but hidden) humanitarian payload attached to those bits and bytes. And the process only begun 4 years ago. Or 2000 years ago. Or 5000 years. Depends whom you ask.

November 05 2021

So, you want to do your latest and greatest Blockchain

Short answer: don't

Pick up after 2018 vintage. There is (was) a surplus. Can start with pink one.

November 17 2021

Put down your forks

Many open source projects lose their way after the dude, who wrote the core engine - disappears. Bitcoin is no exception. The BCH was the way out, but they missed the opportunity. There is no need to fork codebases to do a fork. Original Bitcoin engine had everything to scale out. Still has. I figured out a way do NFTs on BTC. No fork.

November 27 2021

Crypto disruption

Was only possible by introducing a major distraction. In non-random world, Frequentism beats Bayesian systems. The more randomness - the stronger Bayesian system becomes.

December 12 2021

Crypto scammers are cornered

Behavior of crypto scammers turned erratic, aggressive and toxic.

December 13 2021

3 formulas

  • Formula of Classic fintech
  • Formula of Crypto fintech
  • Formula of Last Few Years
  • December 14 2021

    It peaked

    9/10ths of the total BTC supply has now been issued. Remaining 10% of supply set to be minted over the next 119 years or so, ending somewhere near the year 2140.

    What once was a reliable outflow of spending from miner wallets has shifted since 2019, and miners are now depositing more minted supply into their treasuries than before. The chart below shows the 90-day sum of Miner Netflow Volume (in USD) as a percentage of Market Cap, and the multi-year rise is evident. If miners evolve into being HODLers, a group who are naturally incentivized to spend, then acquiring new Bitcoin into the future could become exceedingly difficult.

    Some people know digital. Some people know biology. Some people know politics. Nobody can know the whole three things equally well. Impossible. There is also aspect of knowing / doing.

    December 21 2021

    IOU on BTC

    It is missing and there is zero justification for that. It's very simple to implement and the only barriers are legislative. Now that I think about it, all those fortunes created in USA, they were all purely legislative. For example, Pay Pal was given a legal monopoly on Internet money. Nobody can go bankrupt being the only Internet money on the whole planet. Same with Amazon - accounting trick. One click patents. All legislative plays. Crypto is of course the same.

    December 23 2021

    Taleb on BTC

    Bitcoin, Currencies, and Fragility
    Cryptocurrencies require a sustained amount of interest in them.

    The charts in his PDF say it peaked. I'm not sure about "zero", though.
    The PDF has no date on it.

    Jan 01 2022


    Bitcoin slumps to a three-month low
    Many crypto miners fled China for neighboring Kazakhstan over Beijing's ban on virtual currency mining. Kazakhstan's internet shutdown took as much as 15% of the network offline, according to some estimates.

    Edgy calm in Kazakhstan
    But NetBlocks, a global Internet monitor, said that connectivity was still at about five percent of normal levels as of Saturday morning.

    Jan 08 2022

    Wise contracts

    This smart contracts stuff is no good. To actually create value need to fix it a little bit. Here is the fix. Transparent contracts on blockchain with retainer and collateral directed towards Trump, not towards the worker. On BTC chain. Yes, it's possible.

    The wise contract is the exact opposite of smart contract. De Niro talked about it openly, nobody listened. Smart contract requires the worker to provide collateral for transactions to happen. Wise contract requires the manager to provide collateral for transactions to happen.

    Current crypto bubble is stacked against the skilled labor. Current crypto bubble is a semantic trickery that is wearing thin. "Proof of Work" has nothing to do with Work, "Proof of Stake" has nothing to do with Stake etc.

    First wise contract can be implemented over existing ETH blockchain in a matter of days. Only after it is implemented over ETH the question becomes : "Why ETH?"

    Feb 08 2022

    Negative Oil is not the end

    The next bubble is supposed to burst about 10-12 months from now. If that happens, it will "cover up" for crypto bubble, like real estate crash covered for internet bubble crash. No, not stawks.

    Microsoft Looking To Hire 'Head Of Crypto' - the crypto bubble is over.

    Mar 01 2022

    Europe is the only place, who has both miners and traders

    Ukrainian coders are moved to Poland. Russian / Belorussian coders are moved to Serbia. So now Europe has coders also. It also has all the Russian Oligarch yachts (for free).

    Mar 10 2022

    No matter what you do with crypto, you have to figure out:

  • distribution
  • legislation
  • cash flow

  • There is also, of course, technology, but that's a tool. The trick is that if you only figure out one or two legs, you (still) lose. And in crypto "lost" means "dead". AKA quadriga.


    First (professional) anti-Bitcoin article in San Jose Mercury News. Clearly, they plan to bury crypto now by:

  • Implementing digital dollar ('legal crypto')
  • Tightening KYC ('illegal crypto')
  • In that article, they're missing one important technical moment. Described on this page.

    Mar 12 2022

    EU Vote Which Could 'Practically' Ban Key Digital Currencies EU voted to keep Bitcoin.

    Nancy Pelosi: "Government Spending Reduces Debt" - Nancy Pelosi is the greatest politician.

    Another day, another article against crypto in SJMN. This time it's against DAO.

    Mar 13 2022

    Ethereum 2.0 -- Finally, the crypto battle is about to get real. I can actually tell you how BTC can crush ETH, it's described on this page. Technically that's rather easy. ETH can also crush BTC, yes. And you know what? Both can be destroyed overnight with a stroke of a pen. So I'm a little bit undecided about this crypto thingy now. It's nice that the guy in orange pijamas is beginning to notice that "Crypto itself has a lot of dystopian potential if implemented wrong". No shit, Sherlock. Maybe you should discuss that with Greta, on her yacht. While you sail towards one of Obama's mansions. Pyromania is a bitch.

    Mar 26 2022

    Figured out how to do DAO on BTC.

    Apr 02 2022

    Figured up the insanity of flash loans. Typical NY stuff.

    Apr 03 2022

    (Made by User:Golbez. - Own work, CC BY 2.5,

    'MAGA' - 'Back to 1822!'

    Also, this is aligned with crypo activities.
    They are different across the zones.

    Apr 04 2022

    The Inflation / Deflation Vortex (no, not just good old inflation, the Vortex only exists since 2016) will destroy *everybody* in US IT. (For a simple reason that IT is not a commodity). The question is not "if" it is "when". Anybody who is doing *any* IT work in the US is kind of doomed (the exact same way everybody doing IT work in Ukraine / Russia / Belorussia was doomed). All those people (100s thousands) were assuming that "we do everything right, accumulating those skills". And they *were* right. Until everything changed for them. Overnight. It's related to Automation Paradox. Some part of Automation Paradox is described here : Datacenters. I need to write down the Automation Paradox, maybe will do that some day.

    Apr 06 2022

    Figured out the *only* possible approach to NFTs. There is lots of noise, sure. That's the vertical of art. Art needs noise.

    Apr 17 2022

    NFTs collapsed. 99%. Art is tricky.

    Years after calling Bitcoin 'rat poison,' Warren Buffett just invested $1 billion in a crypto-friendly bank

    Apr 19 2022

    Figured out USDT Shenanigans. Looks like that stuff is what fuels atrocities in EU.

    Apr 22 2022

    Michael Saylor is Secretly Selling His Bitcoin and Doesn't Want You To Know The interesting moment here, how do you lose $13 Bln.

    The only problem with Mathematics. Mathematics is a set of mental methods. All of the objects are in fact ideal. They do not exist in real life. As a result, nobody can actually *see* if the formula is correct or wrong. Different with physics / chemistry / biology anything else (they have *experiment*). Math has no experiment. Except computer. Computer validates the sneaky math. Program gives the solid answer - or it does not. That's why the battle will always be the way it is now. Speaking from personal experience. There is one major data structure in crypto that mathematicians see as unbeatable. Problem is - I was asked to beat that puzzle (several times) when I was interviewed by (strong) mathematicians - for computing position. And I solved it. Computer is not mathematics. Computer is a physical object. Very much physical object.

    Apr 25 2022

    Robinhood To Fire 9% Of Full-Time Employees

    Apr 26 2022

    HR and Corporate Lawyers. 2011.

    May 01 2022

    Set of simple binary automatas can produce rather complex process (especially if you add/remove some at will), but that does not mean that any complex process can be decomposed into set of simple binary automatas. Similar to billiard balls paradox.

    Here is a novel business idea. Broker, who does not steal client's money. Yes, it got *this* bad. Also - blockchain, that guarantees finality. Again - it got *this* bad.

    This means leveraged DEX on BTC is a killer app. Non-collateralized.

    May 02 2022

    Haruna Miyagawa.

    May 03 2022

    "You may fool people for a time; you can fool a part of the people all the time; but you can't fool all the people all the time"
    "We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality"

    May 04 2022

    Purim and Passover in Goebbels' Castle you can easily find this on one search engine, but you cannot find this on another search engine. The internet is being split.

    Business is a set of (simple) conventions. Now and then there comes a crazy idiot, who ecourages people to violate the (simple) conventions. Those, who violate simple conventions ... They will not last long. Yes, it's this simple.

    May 05 2022

    Moore's law covers industrial computing. Consumer electronics is covered by Mikhail Donskoy's law.

    Figured out a simple test for any ML person. Most of them have no idea about ML, of course. (Aspects vs algos)

    If some activity has a binary outcome, computer will always beat human being in that activity. Not even binary, actually. Binary is a corner case of a set. I uderstand this sounds like a theorem. Because it is.

    Neural Networks approach to Chess was suboptimal, but adequate for those acient times. So were many other engines. Relational Database for example.

    May 06 2022

    This internet thing. It's not really decentralized. The crypto thing ... It is a bit better decentralized, but it's a toy mostly, kind of easy to break. The internet thing was not a toy, it was an industry. Also, internet thing was open. Crypto is a club. Open systems always beat clubs in a long run. Some laws are very hard to break.

    The (only) force of crypto bubble? Laws of physics. Electricity is (much) easier to produce, than to transport. After US switched to digital, USD became (too) easy to produce (because no printing) and easy to transport (internet).

    Crypto stack is a Pyramid, like everything else:

    1. Technology
    2. Finance
    3. NFT/DAO


    May 07 2022

    Few rules. Not mine.

  • 100% winners do not exist. Chase the value, not the mirage
  • "Best bet", "all in" - does not exist. Next day is the "best bet"
  • Fundamentals beat statistics
  • "Specialization" is bullshit. Go where you feel like going

  • These rules filter out most of the traders. Yes, it's possible to win piles of money on stawks and have no idea what you're doing. Very possible.

    First serious contenders for ETH are beginning to emerge. They want to stay under radar. They are not Turing complete. Any usable VM will do. Easy money. It's obvious that VM can not possibly be a defensible IP in a vertical that only cares about money.

    May 08 2022

    If after today you *still* don't understand how BTC works - you should not touch it without adult in the room.

    When somebody openly and loudly talks crap about (dangerous) person X - usually means they are with that person. Obvious, right?

    Defence by burning used to work. On the way up.

    Run on crypto banks started.

    May 09 2022

    To understand crypto shenanigans one has to understand the outcome of a Duel between Burbakists and Russian Academia. I need to write this down because few months ago I found a (major) bug in the transcript of the Duel and the side effects of that are major. I also found a bug in one of key mathematical whitepapers that holds crypto world together. To find a bug one has to be better. Yes, that's how it works.

    May 10 2022

    Four groups, not counting minor flags.

    On upwork there is one European company who is looking for people, who trade $10 Mln / month on Binance and they promise them $600 for consultation? Test session? They are all insane by this time. "Let me go outside and find a trader, who trades $10 Mln". On the internet. "Flat Earth" stuff - going strong.

    On craigslist, there is more and more people, who offer prime real estate for barter. Turns out real estate can not feed you when it stays empty for years. Go figure. That reminds me. A year ago there were people on social networks trying to find a buyer for a Datacenter. And it was not a joke.

    May 13 2022

    This crypto stuff is based on some *really* early work. For example Robert Owen did the similar kind of experiments. Wikipedia labels him as 'philanthropic capitalist'. Not a joke. This means crypto peoples are in 19 century, while the rest of the planet collapses into 17 century. Russia wants to hang on to the beginning of 20-th century. Ukraine wanted to stay in the middle of 20-th century. Nobody wants to stay in 21-st century. "We've seen this 'progress' stuff and it stinks".

    Only Paranoid Survive. 1988.

    May 15 2022

    I think that large number of crypto outfits is being crushed by current bear market, because their models no longer work. To sustain the numbers they *have* to increase the headcount, but they *can not* (people in Europe can't care less about crypto, they have a war on their hands etc etc). Trend is clear. Crypto outfits can not find new people to bring into (existing) pyramids fast enough. So there is a lots of idling pyramids. And runs on some crypto banks. That moves their hiring methods into "fuck you! give us the money! loser!". Which is not particularly reasonable model for growth, indeed. Crypto people do everything backwards. They always push harder. Well, that's the industry of bullies with "HODL! Paper hands!". Whoever put this con in motion did amazing job to make sure that *nobody* profits from this bubble.

    Some territories are beyond repare by this point. They don't understand, but it's obvious. Trolling does that to people.

    May 16 2022

    Web 1.0 had "fucked company" website. Web 3.0 has : -- the key difference? fucked company had a message board. Open system vs Closed system.

    Cautionary Tales from Cryptoland - Interview with a nice lady who runs that site and there is a lots of contrarian URLs in that article.

    Supply Chain

    As long as you have the servers running in right jurisdiction and distributed nicely, and as long as you have a way to boost the outputs, everything should work out no matter what you do really. This crypto thing has a shortcut which is supply chain done right, it's rather remarkable how they are squashing all the non-Asian supply chains for 4+ years, but it would not be possible soon. By this time there are only two places on this planet that produce super-yields, so the whales no longer have enough plankton, actually. Well, when the wannabe whale is running out of gas, they (always) try to steal all the money and run. Only I think that by this time running is not an option actually. After few bankers got slaughtered in Europe (recently) carrying $500 Mln on them, I don't think anybody believes that running with money is any kind of a solution. Yet that was the corner stone of the industry. So - optimization of supply chains is the next step. My page describes how. Starts with $5/month. If you don't have that much money - that might be a problem.

    May 17 2022

    Poll by Musk

    Twitter claims that >95% of daily active users are real, unique humans. Does anyone have that experience?

    To estimate a percentage of bots on twitter all you need to do is a simple script that looks at random accounts and generates a percentage of bots on average. It's the most trivial trick called 'sampling' and it's been used in USA for 100+ years. It's an obvious trick. Musk is from Pay Pal. They know accounting.

    "In the last month, crypto has lost $1 trillion in market cap".
    "Bitcoin prices have fallen for seven consecutive weeks, a new record".

    Plenty of activity in crypto real estate. Spike.

    May 18 2022

    Crypto outfits have only one major strategic flaw. It looks like they are all exposed to that very flaw. Sure, they have some funny problems here and there, but one flaw that is major. And decisive. Buterin does *not* have that flaw. Which is an interesting moment.

    May 20 2022

    How a Trash-Talking Crypto Founder Caused a $40 Billion Crash this article had been reprinted verbatim by SJMN.

    May 23 2022

    If you plan to say something like "things are just crazy!" - better say nothing at all.

    After Luna-Terra crash Terra backers vote to revive luna - but not UST - after $60 billion crypto collapse - the stablecoin died, but the algo-peg is kept. That was few days ago. Today - new players now introduce the exact same offerings. Stablecoin + algo-peg. What can possibly go wrong? (Well, actually exactly the same thing will go wrong). Crypto is basically moving into Russian roulette territory. Burning $1 trillion in a single month is hard work. How would you do that? Hard stuff.

    May 25 2022

    I thought I knew European classical music kind of "ok". Turns out - I had no idea about 20th century. There are few channels on Youtube, who publish a piece a day. There is less than 1 Mln people listening to them. Similar with guitar music. On a surface it looks different, because guitar is very democratic, only it's not really that different.

    Turns out terminator was a transformer after all. 1984.

    Gitcoin's Quadratic Funding? About the same time. 1984. The stuff *really* made some waves. In Europe. In general, they are correct about Sybil attacks easily possible on DAO, but there *is* a protection from that. And the person, whose designs they are now implementing - the guy not only knew about this but also clearly described how to defend from Sybil attacks. He openly and clearly was telling that in his interviews for decades. It's on youtube. Only it is not in English. And the guy is dead now. The usual. McAfee was in English

    The below italics is from today's issue of Wired. You *have* to read it. Wired rules.

    Switch your wallet from Etherium mainnet to the Gnosis chain to claim your LMAO tokens. Sync your tokens with the Discord bot to prove you're a member and get access to the locked Discord channels.

    WARNING: Users enter into transactions at their own risk; Web3 is not responsible for money lost, NFTs stolen, passwords phished, or dreams shattered in the course of this experiment. The edifice of Web3 is built on trillions of dollars invested in cryptocurrencies that, as yet, have little to no proven utility other than as speculative assets. Liquidity is provided by baroque financial products that average investors can't understand, which may end badly. Decentralization may or may not be a technological feature of systems, as opposed to a market condition, and thus is not actually guaranteed. Many decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are neighter decentralized nor autonomous. Past hopes of fully decentralized, participatory versions of the internet have been repeatedly dashed. It might be unwise to put personal data on a permanent uneditable public database. It may not be possible to disentangle the idelistic aspirations of Web3 from the cynical profit-seeking behavior exhibited by much of the crypto market, which is heavily concentrated in the hands of a small number of superrich people and institutions. People tend to find ways to game systems despite the best intentions of those systems' designers. Results may vary.

    Crypto penetrated 10% of US households. 90% of bitcon had been mined. It will take 100 years to mine the rest 10%.

    May 26 2022

    Proof-Of-Work Vs. Proof-Of-Stake: Why Bitcoin Won't Change

    Now we are talking. Because 10% of households are penetrated but the 90% can't even begin to care about crypto (so they just keep the money in the bank, allright) - the pyramids are now idling and if the new peoples are not recruited *ASAP* the pyramid holders will get in a bit of trouble. And those who gave the funds to crypto pyramids - they don't really like their funds to vanish. So there will be questions.

    What can possibly be done to grow the numbers? Well, people are not giving the funds because they can't even understand what's going on, so let's try to educate the masses a little bit. And so the media now need to start educating. And the media now tries their best. Yesterday issue of Wired! The best journalism on crypto *ever*. Today ZH writes the *first* reasonable crypto article on funamentals. "The POW or POS?" Good question. I asked it myself 3 years ago. And the answer is POP. And it's described on this page. Here is another idea. Ledger is a reflection of the data. It's a passive storage. It can not possibly produce data on itself. There was already a system that's effectively a giant passive storage. It's called the Internet. Check it out. (And read the Wired piece. It's awesome.)

    Paradise at the Crypto Arcade: Inside the Web3 Revolution

    May 27 2022

    Ciro Guerra.

    I have a suspicion that some *really* expensive real estate had been sold at least twice. To people with guns. Maybe even more than twice. And the sellers are all gone, of course. With the money.

    This page effectively describes alternative take on NFT (on BTC) and DAO (Sybil immunity + Byzantine). Also it hints on fakeness of PoW / PoS dilemma. If you don't understand something - that's OK. This stuff is 40 y/o - most likely happened before you were born. Certainly before Vitalik was born. Kolomna is a nice town. Or should I say "was?". It is not Moscow, though. It is more on a military side of things. Moscow was not. This means we have conversion, only backwards. Civil designs - weaponized. This inflation/deflation stuff is vicious. Stupidity always is.

    May 28 2022

    Stores running out of food, casinos running out of gamblers. IT is running out of IT. Next step - (many) banks running out of money.

    May 29 2022

    As per SJMN, Delft University just closed this Tulip mania with a set of actual physical experiments. All it takes now is a few drivers. If the article is to be trusted, of course. Also, who is going to write those adapters, I wonder. They say China. I have doubts. I seen drivers written in China. Point is - the battle between US and EU is far from over. This also explains Wired's angle.

    May 30 2022

    Alexander Milovanov.

    May 31 2022

    Liying Zhu.
    Violaine Sananes.

    Jun 03 2022

    SJMN - another day another article. The bill is ready in NY that will basically not let some NY factories burn Gas to Mine Crypto. They were actually burnning Gas to Mine Crypto in NY. They also did that in TX. So the big question is if TX is next. Not to mention industrial real estate of course. Let's ignore the fact the issue exists. (The industrial real estate building near the place where I live is empty for 8+ years).

    Jun 04 2022

    Mark Twain says that Paige lost to Linotype. I am wondering how did that happen. Piage's approach was more advanced, I think. It could well be that his requirements for more advanced operator were simply on purpose. Wikipedia has all the info. The usual. Well, both Paige and Twain were lucky enough to die before 1917, so they had rather idealistic view about that 'progress' thing.

    Jun 05 2022

    If you're in crypto industry and you have not seen (and understood) the Fifth Element, you have a blind spot.

    New York State Senate Passes Bitcoin Mining Moratorium

    Jun 07 2022

    So you're not happy with CEX-es. You think, you found a niche. In a nutshell. You are absolutely correct pointing to weak spots of crypto exchanges. All of those stupidities around exchanges - they do exist. Several years ago there was one very nice Belorussian report to SEC that is published on SEC site. SEC is required by law to publish meeting minutes and they had several meetings about crypto exchanges - publicly available. You might want to read those documents, you will learn many interesting things. Like I did. So - I am not arguing with the "problem" section of your whitepaper. The solution section of your document is the problem. You have no solution. The solution you're looking for is described on this page.

    Crypto outlets have very good business people and very good UI people. They have zero technical people. "Coincidence".

    One side says "raise the wages, close the borders". Opposite side says "lower the wages, open the borders". No wonder there are some calamities. Only I think this dilemma is a fake one. The actual answer is (always) in terms of tools/automation. Wages/borders has nothing to do with tools/automation. Fake battles. Distractions. Robot vs Android. Two different models.

    Jun 08 2022

    Larry Ellison is out. He was the last one. 77 y/o. Objectively - he is a very lucky winner.

    Jun 10 2022

    Cat's Cradle. 1963.
    The Suns of Easter Island. 1973.

    Jun 11 2022

    The "Flat Earth" crap went into overdrive in Eu. Lunatics good for nothing. I hope they stop.

    The important crypto bank just collapsed. Maybe an opportunity for smaller crypto banks.

    Jun 12 2022

    Crypto Trading Cycle Flips: Asia's Now Buying What Americans Are Dumping - party moves to Asia.

    Google talking AI -- for illiterate people if something looks like Ai (like Tom Cruz) that means it is Ai (is Tom Cruz). The planet is run by children, basically. Lord of The Flies. 1954.

    New route to Africa goes through Poland and Spain. Bosphorus is closed. Ship with 18,000 tons of Ukrainian corn arrives in Spain via new route

    Khmer Rouge is unleashed on Ukraine. Started before 2014 even. It's important to remember that UK is *not* part of Eu.

    The Great Celsius Implosion: What Went Wrong And How Much More Will Bitcoin Drop

    Everybody, who is cloning lendroid in 2022 (yes, there are many) - you're too late.

    wBTC was (and is) madness. Only flash loans are comparably toxic (and flash loans actually make sense from pragmatic/physics point of view. wBTC makes zero sense.)

    Jun 13 2022

    Yes. Party moves to Asia. No doubt about it. It's the part of Green Agenda (comparable to 33 and 71)

    Jun 14 2022

    Mathias Rust.

    Jun 15 2022

    Crypto Markets Quiver Amid Three Arrows Capital Solvency Questions

    We trade in one of 3AC's trading accounts. This morning they took about ~1m out of our accounts. I hope you pay us back asap
    All the lenders probably have about 50bn (estimated) in loan creation...i expect 30-40bn of credit to be destroyed. i.e loans to be recalled and credit to be shrunk.

    The article - legit. He was actually optimistic. I got some data from other sources by Jun 19. His estimates are ok.

    Jun 16 2022

    Tricky hit on distributed supply chain just cornered European politicians. Big time. I don't remember many German chess players. Especially recently. The hit is rather classic chess. Blended with aikido.

    So there is only one book on distributed systems worth implementing and surprisingly there is only one engineer, who can implement (or even read) that book. (Me). How did the planet became this narrow this fast, I wonder.

    Jun 17 2022

    Yu Zhou Xin Min Sheng Village Bank, Shangcai Huimin Country Bank, Zhecheng Huanghuai Community Bank - turns out it is little banks, that are more indicative of the major trends. Surely, all those freshly printed trillions of FX go to China almost directly now, but China is still way too big. Removing videos from tik tok is not going to solve the actual problem.

    Jun 18 2022

    The communication between European crypto outlets and US is *no*longer*allowed*. As of last week, actually. Eu is going into overdrive. The war in Ukriane is too much, so they have to stop it ASAP, but they can not. What a bunch of degenerates. This is 100% in line with those actions of Chinese banks. Same problems.

    Jun 19 2022

    Figured out the problem with the Internet. Yes, there is one (and only one). Well, Europe. Is there something in the water maybe? After one figures out the (unfixed) problem of Internet 1.0 it becomes obvious that Web 3.0 is not going to fix it. On another hand, toxicity degrades, nature takes care of it.

    Distressed Crypto Lender Gets Debt Repayment Reprieve As It Battles For Survival
    Saylor: On his knees, begging for regulation, down $1.5 billion
    3AC: Dumpster fire
    Babel: Life support
    Bancor: Please Remain Calm!
    Solana: Rekt
    Vires: Tick tock tick tock tick tock
    Luna: MIA
    Terra: founders banned by Korean govt from leaving the country
    USDT: Just burned $6.6 billion
    eBay: Hundreds of rigs for sale
    Proshares: Launching Short Bitcoin ETF

    I could have added a bit more info but I would not. There is some stuff to add to this list. All publicly available info.

    Russians are trying to figure out the peg. Where they go everybody will go, so it's actually really damn important. "Governance by stealing and burning everything to cover the steal" is some really messed up economic policy. Indeed.

    Jun 20 2022

    Miner behaviours now confirm that an ongoing miner capitulation phase is underway. The first piece of evidence is the hash-ribbons, which have now inverted, as hashrate falls 10% off the ATH and signifies mining ASIC rigs are coming offline.

    The Ethereum DeFi market is undergoing a dramatic deleveraging, with over $124B (?) in capital flushed out in just six weeks. The Ethereum investor base is now heavily underwater on spot positions, and is locking in historically large realized losses.

    Miners are now under significant financial stress, with BTC trading near the estimated cost of production, incomes well below their yearly average, and hash-rate noticeably coming off ATHs. The aggregate market has realized over $7 Billion in losses this week, with Long-term Holders contributing some 178k BTC in additional sell-side.

    Karen, Sailor, Fencing. Visual Poetry (Only one dude did it in Baltics states, but nobody comes close to him. Nobody can even begin to understand how come) Poetry in general can be pushed towards music and towards visual. Very few people go visual.

    Figured out retail angle. That was the hardest.

    Today's SJMN business section basically yells at people. Nobody is reading still. I think they literally can't read.

    Viktoria Mullova

    Jun 21 2022

    War in Eu begins. That's why Eu crypto links were chopped off (Jun 18).

    Some brokers go belly up. I rememeber Volcano erupted on one of those Islands. That was in the beginning of pandemic. Now it is "We're screwed, sorry!"

    Jun 22 2022

    FX flows frozen in Ru. A *lot* of brokers will go belly up. This also explains a bit strange business climate in Eu. Last few years. This means this year they eliminated their own FX hub - with their own hands. It already happened. 1917. Joking about anything - no longer safe.

    Signal providers are switching to managed accounts. That is great news for indicator makers. The chain is: (platform) - indicator - signal - account - (broker) - (bank).

    As of 2020 there is no civilization, but the parts remain. Exactly how it was after collapse of SU. SU expats remember this movie really well. Talk to SU expat, he will tell you your future.

    Goldman Raising $2 Billion To Buy Distressed Celsius Assets

    The problems in Eu started when they started to ask about 74 genders in the forms.

    Jun 24 2022

    It might be that the only purpose of the Valley is to annoy NY and LA. If that's true, Valley is still doing it's job.

    Jun 25 2022

    I find it unusual that nuclear superpowers are (massively) killing people using the crappy (not even drones) drones they buy overseas.

    Jun 26 2022

    Brokers are going belly up. Need stimulus.

    Jun 27 2022

    The biggest Chemical Conglomerate in the world is about to go belly up without Russian Gas. Supply Chain.

    Jun 28 2022


    "Too Big To Fail" right before collapse.
    Supply chains weak links.
    20 years cycles in the Valley.
    "Not thinking about white monkey".

    Jun 29 2022

    All it takes to break the crypto peg is Reverse MLM. It's technically possible, but once done there might be no way back. Was possible 2 years ago, is even more possible now (because keeping the peg to a burning building is a losing proposition. Shorts will be happy now. Nobody can possibly squeeze them. For a while.)

    Jun 30 2022

    Some countries are overinvested in crypto. Some countries are overinvested in insanity. Some places are overinvested in both things.

    Jul 01 2022

    Bela Banfalvi

    Andras Csaki

    Jul 02 2022

    The list of transformational special zones/portals

    Silicon Valley . Sao Paulo . Shutoken . Kansai . North Italy . Baden-Wurttemberg
    Catalonia . Phuket . Singapore . Johor . Riau islands

    The second list is a bit distorted it was hard for me to translate. The first list is incomplete.
    This also explains local invasion of last 2 weeks. And a change of governance.
    Basically all the changes now are rather unavoidable.

    Jul 03 2022

    "What everyone wants, everyone resists, the result is what no one wanted." Google simply can not find this. It finds "Abilene paradox". Which is absolutely useless.

    Jul 04 2022

    Bitcoin has locked in one of the worst monthly price performances in history, with prices trading down -37.9% in June. Bitcoin has seen a near complete expulsion of market tourists, leaving the resolve of HODLers as the last line standing.

    Exchange reserves continue to drain, as participants find renewed momentum towards self custody. These coins appear to be flowing into wallets with no history of spending, and the balance growth and exchange withdrawal activity of both Shrimp and Whale cohorts are at historically aggressive levels.

    The withdrawal is because brokers go belly up stealing all the collateral effectively. How do I know? Guess how do I know. It's "Negative Oil" all over again.
    Unregulated currencies. Unregulated brokers. "Now you have it - now you don't". Bunch of loonies good for nothing.
    Was set in motion very long time ago. I can even tell you the year it started. And you already know the year.

    Eu no longer has a 2 year handicap towards US. US movies, that were on hold for 2 years, are coming out. Eu movies, that were supposed to come out in 2022 are being placed on hold. The tables had turned. I think Eu entities still live in the past (trying to ignore the *war* on their soil - that is going on for 8 years now). Eu politicians are in *real* trouble now. There is simply nothing left to steal from USA. The banquet is over. US mainstreet is broke and stealing from US 1%? Good luck with that.

    Figured out how to implement gaming engines for console games like WII. (Box, tennis and all that stuff). Surprisingly, took longer, comparing to Chess, Poker and various mental games.

    Dutch Farmers Bring Tank To Fertilizer Protest; Cops Shoot Tractor

    Eu is insane for 8 years if not longer. And of course they blame US. Sad.

    Jul 05 2022

    UK prime minister is out. Georgia Depopulation Stones (500 mln population manifesto) are Blown Up.

    Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe is reportedly showing no signs of life

    Jul 07 2022

    Sri Lanka collapsed. Also - fertilizers movements are stopped basically. That's 20x more impact than the harvest per se (and there will be no harvest in Ukraine and many other places). Eu sanctioned the fertilizers. The agriculture areas are stagnant since a very long time so the increases of food supply (about 5x or something) was *only* because of fertilizers. Famine is basically guaranteed by this point. Dutch farmers fight is the most important thing that happens, looks like.

    Jul 09 2022

    Crypto overview in July

    Canada had 24 hours outage. UKraine 'non-war' is now obvious to anybody with even a primitive military education. No need to be an expert.

    Thank God for English language. Thank God for Mathematics. Good stuff.

    One guy got 7 years for calling war - war. Another guy got fined for using quotation marks. Eu is crazy.

    The EU's Attack On Bitcoin -- Upon reading this, there will be many stupid people out there who will cry, "This is just semantics!" -- Correction. Not "many stupid people". This is of course semantics. Looks like DeFi crowd finally got what they deserved. Eu found a way to fight back. The idiots had several years to produce value. Time is up.

    Jul 10 2022

    When a trade becomes obvious - everybody jumps on it. After everybody jumps on it - the trade begins to crack (and that becomes a *very* complex math. Only one country holds the math)

    First irreviersible rocket strike today. Idiots keep their idiotic agenda.

    99% of brokers are doing things simply wrong, killing liquidity. There should be some way to act on that.

    Jul 11 2022

    Endgame for some territories. 3 Arrows Capital Founders Go MIA Amidst Crypto Firm's Bankruptcy

    Jul 12 2022

    At least situation with (stolen) (again) Russian Gold becomes obvious.

    Jul 14 2022

    Chromebook. It was the most ridiculous offering, so it plummeted first. The world *is* getting back to normal in a way. However - switch from hitech/media mafia to agro/medical mafia will be (is) degrading. No way around it. You resist the degradation - you suffer. You degrade faster, than the world - you die faster, than the world. Positive scenarios ... Go back in time and kill particular degenerates. That's positive, right?

    Jul 15 2022

    Green is fighting Red. In China. US embassy had (quietly) left Kiev.

    If you still have no idea about impact of Islamic Banking on Eu, might as well leave the Earth, like Musk.

    They couldn't even scream any more - the 2021 was rather violent year. Poor people gave their life savings into this scheme. Always happens when idiots take control. The exact same stuff was happening in Russia in the 90s. Collapse of USSR. I never blame / mock the victims. Never did, never will.

    When Taleb published his 2021 paper, he received so much abuse that he had to lock his Twitter account. "I could not believe how psychopathic bitcoin people were," says Taleb

    I find this hard to believe. Taleb is from NY. He did a right thing, though. Now what amazes me - not a single article nor whitepaper talks about the (only) *pragmatic* value of BTC. And that means 1% still has some leverage. Not even Taleb understands! I think he honestly does not understand. They live in Eu in NY. If he had to survive on Asian coast - he would have figured it out.

    Celsius is a pretext to ETH

    Celsius files bankruptcy

    So Celsius people basically stole $5Bln from users and around $1Bln from institutions. And it was actually *really* easy to predict few years ago. They just scaled out some of other schemes that happened on their territories (outside USA). USA is absolutely *not* prepared for fintech attacks, that are debugged outside US (in Eu). What's up with USDT now? If they all go belly up (as they should), BTC might get a boost! And of course, IOU on BTC is possible. And becomes more and more possible with every passing day. This page describes how.

    ETH is about to be killed XMR way. "Security vs Commodity". "I think Ethereum is a security, I think it's pretty obvious, [...] it was issued by an ICO, theres a management team, there was a pre-mine, there's a hard fork, there's continual hard forks, there's a difficulty bomb that keeps getting pushed back." Looks like dog eats dog now. If BTC pulls this - they will get a year of life. Maybe more. *Wow*. Will they be able to pull it? Who has more lawyers? Endgame for ETH is here? Because of the *only* pragmatic value BTC has, BTC will be better off finishing ETH, actually! With the key DeFi schemes *already* busted, ETH has no offering! Several years of bullshit for *this*? Well ... Looks like it. Singapore is key. Now I understand why all those ETH outlets are being drained all over the world! Is this the endgame for ETH ??? I think that it is.

    Jul 16 2022

    HISTORICAL NOTE. The Endgame of XMR

    Crypto Crime Cartel: The end is nigh for Tether

    Or how about when Tether went to great lengths to represent that each Tether (USDT) is backed 1:1 with the U.S. dollar, a position it maintained right up until the point where they had no other option to concede the truth by admitting - via sworn affidavit - that at best, each USDT is backed at a rate of 74%, and not even necessarily by pure U.S. dollars?

    Tether price manipulation

    has become too big to fail. Bitcoin now finds itself a high tech manifestation of the very thing that Satoshi sought to address

    The Bit Short: Inside Cryptos Doomsday Machine (Jan 14 2021)


    In Short. Any bank with couple Bln $ can collapse the whole crypto ecosystem. The page says how.

    To be crystal clear: every time you sell Tethers on Kraken, you are forcing Tether Ltd. to pay you in US dollars. If you can manage to sell enough Tethers for USD on Kraken, then Tether Ltd. will run out of dollars and this whole machine - which currently undergirds 70% of all crypto trading flows - will fall apart.

    Updated: January 22 2021

    The run of BTC was that *all* the crypto brokers on the planet were mandated to *convert* the Ripple holdings into BTC (hence forcing the demand for BTC! )

    This was my tweet from January 8.
    BTC market cap: $700 Bln.
    ETH market cap: $149 Bln.
    LTC market cap: $11 Bln.
    XRP market cap: $21 Bln.
    It's dog eat dog. To fuel BTC run they *had* to kill somebody. XRP was the only "somebody" in the room who both had the money and had no protection at the same time.
    And another tweet from January 3.
    Dec 17 - Coinbaise starts going public. 
    Dec 22 - SEC attacks XRP. 
    Dec 31 - Coinbase obeys to attack on XRP.  
    Almost instantly XRP trading halted by (many) brokers (because they look at Coinbase). 
    Jan 1 - crazy run by BTC and (of course!) ETH. 
    *Exactly* as predicted by XRP's CEO.
    This is by Ripple's CEO : The SEC's Attack on Crypto in the United States (Dec 22 2020)


    sharding . (perfect) hashing . distributions . number theory . angle trisection

    trees vs circles

    induction . recursion

    infinitesimals, of course . zeno, all that jazz

    Jul 17 2022

    California's most productive agricultural region is turning into dust, which should concern every American. As a reminder, California produces a quarter of the nation's food -- shrinking crop output is more alarming news that reveals food inflation is becoming structural and won't abate anytime soon

    Jul 18 2022

    Green is fighting Red on US soil now. Took them 1 week to get here from China! Wow. African COVID is almost here.

    Jul 20 2022

    Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Act 2022 -- Rollback of 2011.

    Jul 22 2022

    Tales From The Crypto: Trapped Celsius Customers Share Financial Horrors

    "I moved the bulk of these funds into Celsius in February of 2022 because I would Watch Alex Mashinsky on his weekly AMAs published on YouTube. He reiterated time and time again on Twitter and on these AMAs that the company was over collateralized..." -- 99% certainty. Not good enough, since 2016.

    Jul 23 2022

    To understand, who is responsible for the horrors of Eu, no need to be rocket scientist. Just check on educational background of people, who governed Eu last 30 years. Hint : whoever had better education - they are (more) responsible. Quantum chemistry is *really* hardcore math.

    Jul 23 2022

    Coinbase Faces SEC Probe

    The SEC's charges put a spotlight on an important problem: the US doesn't have a clear or workable regulatory framework for digital asset securities. - It's repeat of first attack on XRP (security/commodity - see HISTORICAL NOTE above)

    The first book is easy to google : "New Class". (Affects the country since Clintons). The second one is impossible to find on google, so here is the link: The Steel Spring. Part 1 is the prequel. The guy told our future. In 1970s he did that. We were not listening. We're still not listening.

    Yes, on average, Quantum Chemistry math should be more complex than Quantum Physics math. And yes, plenty of stuff can be approximated with tables.

    Jul 26 2022

    More and more websites are switching to "if you pay us, we will not torture you with the ads" business model. That was the model of TiVo. TiVo was amazingly cool product. I can't imagine watching US TV without TiVo, back in a day. I have only good memories about the days of TiVo. Yes, youtube. This pagargraph is written after you forced your disgusting ad on me right after a beautiful Bach's piece. I might eventually write an app to chop off your stinking ads. I just figured out the name. Usually that's 50% of the project.

    Jul 27 2022

    Turns out Eu is firmly positioning itself into 1970s. That was before the FidoNet (1983) and before Minitel (1980). It is only natural they are trying to destroy the Internet, or at least segment it. It's been segmented already in many places. Back to TV basically. I have mixed feelings about this.

    Don't say we didn't warn you - Symposium of China's top think tank sends classic, pre-war warning to provocative Pelosi. Very interesting photos in that Article. I wonder do they know the actual meaning of the word 'symposium'. It's greek. Whoever suggested them the wording made fun of them. Could have simply said "China's top think tank sends ... ". Yep. One google search. Not one person in whole China can make a simple google search. Interesting.

    Jul 29 2022

    Some IT jobs now have "scapegoat!" written in big flashing letters.

    Jul 30 2022

    Fernando Sor -- six of his ballets are dedicated to 'whoever wants them'. These and other caustic remarks did not help his sales in the least.

    Jul 31 2022

    Nodirbek Abdusattorov Beat Magnus Carlsen in the end of 2021. The *exact* same play is being used now on Europe. I don't think Europe has anybody better, than Magnus. Watch the play. There was one moment in that play, that broke Magnus. You need to play chess to understand it, though. Also, speed chess is *not* "normal" chess. I once beat a master in speed chess, and that pissed him off. So to restore "the order" he beat me blind. Chess people are like that. And that also means one thing - win in speed chess means *nothing*, if the opponent has the opportunity to switch the game to "normal" chess.

    Aug 01 2022

    Yep. Debacle of Jul 29 - confirmed Aug 02. Eyes Wide Shut.

    Flags and bracelets. One is constitutional department another is not.

    Aug 02 2022

    (Green) ABBA: 1970s. Mutated into (Digital) Girl with The Dragon Tatoo in just 40 years.

    Aug 03 2022

    Chinese Military Drills A Rehearsal For Taiwan

    NVIDIA (NVDA) Fined $5.5M for Failing to Disclose Crypto Mining Impact -- In March 2021, at the height of a crypto bull market, NVIDIA released a new series of semiconductors called Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP), specifically designed for mining Ether (ETH) -- The company disclosed that its crypto-mining hardware revenue declined 77% between the third and fourth quarters of 2021 as demand fell away in line with plunging cryptocurrency prices.

    In just 4 short years idiots managed to destroy a lot. And then they moved back home. It's publicly available information. Wikipedia.

    Aug 04 2022

    Joel Hruska knows a thing or two about Huang's Law. Wikipedia has all the (important) answers to all the (important) questions. Wikipedia does *not* have the key information on the subject. I know a thing or two about caching servers and my work is not mentioned on Wikipedia. It's a very interesting thing, that Wikipedia. She only cares about stuff she cares about.

    Wikipedia Golden Rule - no, that's several different rules.

    Aug 05 2022

        Ethereum Neoclassic -- So why is the Ethereum Neoclassic hard fork potentially a thing? For the simple reason that the Merge is about to render an estimated $5B worth of mining rigs obsolete.


    Aug 06 2022

    So the question is "can BurbakiZm possibly exist outside France?" and the answer looks like "No, it can not".

    Aug 08 2022

    Tail no longer wags the dog. Problem is - tail got really used to wagging the dog and wants the good times back.

    Soviets are re-creating Beryozka store (literally). Beryozka existed between 1964 and 1990. Web3 Nazis are re-creating Compuserve (Founded 1969). We are in these years *exactly*. Corresponds with July 29th. Also explains the recent debacle with Pink Floyd (Pink Floyd were an English rock band formed in London in 1965)

    Aug 09 2022

    Yeah... The idiots doubled amount of money on the planet, pretty much repeated Eu scenario (1999), planet scale. Inflation is unavoidable.

    Aug 10 2022

    Sarah might be the greatest English poet of 21st century. Now I am beginning to wonder if we actually know anything at all about the real poetry.

    World's Largest Asset Manager Is Now Offering Bitcoin To Its Top Clients

    But while JPM's wholesale embrace of crypto is well-known, what is less well known is that roughly the same time Jamie Dimon was bashing bitcoin, the world's largest asset manager was similarly pretending to be all virtuous and stuff, its morally-flexible CEO going on the record claiming that bitcoin is the "index of money laundering" -- this is not 'bashing'. The guy openly and accurately described the asset to his clients and they gladly invested. Who writes those silly articles? "bashing". Nobody said there has to be only one index of corruption. There was one now there is two. At least.

    Pussy Galore only made a little bit on this collapse of everything. Well ...

    Aug 11 2022

    Islands and other isolated communities are now getting destroyed basically.

    Water crizis is official now.

    Very first accord of territorial wars (ever) - today. (Bridge)

    Aug 12 2022

    This 'PoW' con for yet to happen Asian treasuries was a nice distraction, but the pragmatic blockchain will be ZK and Byzantine.

    Aug 13 2022

    Some people prognosed this bullshit in 2104. Published the prognosis. That's nothing. Leeuwenhoek's microscope was ahead of it's times by 300+ years and even in 1981 "In Ford's opinion, Leeuwenhoek remained imperfectly understood, the popular view that his work was crude and undisciplined at odds with the evidence of conscientious and painstaking observation."

    Aug 14 2022

    First open crazy attack on SFBA. First page of business section SJMN.

    Aug 15 2022

    Idiots resurrected the Southern Pirate! Todays SJMN. All information is publicly available. Always.

    Aug 16 2022

    Watched a documentary on Vegas security catching a group of people, who were cheating the Casinos all over the country. Massive operation, they got everybody. The group took $7 Mln. Yeah. How many trillions vanished last few years? Any investigation going on? What the idiots did to the country will destroy everything for 30 years, I think. If not forever. Sad. Only I think they've destroyed the host and will have to move. Some people say : they will move to China. Looks like it.

    The Crypto Geniuses Who Vaporized a Trillion Dollars Everyone trusted the two guys at Three Arrows Capital. They knew what they were doing - right?

    The answer is "yes, they knew exactly what they were doing". All the freshly printed trillions of USD *somebody* should have been involved, right? The NY fintech people can not just take the money directly from a printing press, need to launder through Asia. This goes on since 2000. And now those two idiots are to blame? Wow! NY is breaking the new grounds now. That's why there is no way NY is coming back after covid. Nothing left to steal, the show is over.

    "We FX traders are partly to blame for this because we knew for a fact that these guys were not able to make money in FX," says the former trader. "But then when they came to crypto, everyone thought they were geniuses."

    "some lenders didn't ask for audited financial statements or any documents at all. Even large, well-capitalized, professionally run crypto companies were lending large sums of money uncollateralized to 3AC, among them Voyager, which was ultimately pushed into bankruptcy."

    But of course! That's how lenders work! They just give you piles of money not even looking at your documents. Kind of like government now gives out those billions to pretty much anybody, who asks. Yeah ...

    In early 2021, a fund called Warbler Capital, managed by a 29-year-old Chicago native, was trying to raise $20 million for a strategy that largely involved outsourcing its capital to 3AC. Matt Walsh, a co-founder of crypto-focused Castle Island Ventures, couldn't understand why a multibillion-dollar fund like Three Arrows would bother with onboarding such a relatively tiny increment of money; it seemed desperate. "I was sitting there scratching my head," Walsh recalls. "It started to put up some alarm bells. Maybe these guys were insolvent."

    Yep. The guy in deflationary midwest is begining to suspect "maybe something is wrong here?" It is, man. Your FX politicians helped that, by the way.

    Nuclear war almost imminent. Turkish president tried to stop it - failed.

    Getting rid of cash was the problem. Cash requires paper. Paper is (was) the checks and balances. Yes. Physical paper.

    Aug 18 2022

    The biggest problem of last week is an open 'in your face' violations of treaties. It did not start last week. It did not start last year. It actually started in 2011.

    Second accord of territorial wars (ever) - City Divided! Exactly one week from first accord.

    Aug 19 2022

    Inflation / deflation macro zones.

    India is now a re-seller of Russian Oil to Eu and China got their chips on the cheap. 45% vs 3%. Green Covid in Eu is inevitable this winter.

    Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany. Italy in September.

    The country with 2% of the world trade just officially announced that it will bring down the whole world trade.

    They might.

    'The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.'

    Eurasia battle. Trend of purposeful 'in your face' violations continues.

    Aug 20 2022

    Why are they confessing? - They are not confessing. They are bragging.

    Aug 21 2022

    Biden. Fauci - out. Euro - below $1. Chemical weapons in Ukraine (?) Big *if*.

    Aug 22 2022

    Rather complete clarity on civil war(s). Visual vs Non-Visual. I think chemical was fake. So are some other things.

    Major reversal in the area. In line with Switzerland.

    Trade between 2 US coasts is becoming obvious. One coast has a surplus another coast has none, so the barter could have been trivial. Only it does not happen ... yet ...

    Aug 24 2022

    Mali, one of Africa's top gold producers, is ruled by a junta

    Crypto becomes 100% African gambling stuff. With a hub in NY. No educated peoples allowed. British Blueprint.

    Aug 25 2022

    Bayes contradicts number theory. Yes, Bayes is very elegant and arousing for cult workers and gamblers. The dude, who once called it "crack cocain of modern statistics ... seductive, addictive and destructive" was *absolutely* correct. And now that same dude is recruiting the addicts to do more damage for one US corporation. Books are cool. Even when the author has no idea what they are talking about. Bayes

    Aug 26 2022

    Governors all over the world are intensifying deadly trolling. Some of them are placed in jail. Public figures had to deal with plenty of crap last few years and there is not many of them.

    Copied from here. Current internet infrastructure (inherited from 1970s) is based on all-or-nothing (centralized) permissions. Blockchain *is* different architecture. There will be battles.

    Aug 27 2022

    Too much freshly printed liquidity in the markers (again). Random bots are winning. Last time I seen it - was right before corona. Turns out, September 1st will be war games near China border, similar to those that were on Ukraine border. Russia has many borders.

    Aug 28 2022

    Gorbachev died. 91.

    Aug 30 2022

    Silicon Valley companies are not allowed to make money now. Only to burn money. Burn trilions so that GBP peoples make millions. Sucks to be in inflationary territory.

    Aug 31 2022

    Europe is 10 years behind on technology, but they are ordered to embrace .io domain. It guarantees they will *never* catch up. Sad.

    Sep 01 2022

    Everything is openly said by Biden. Nobody is hiding nothing, they are just using doublespeak.

    Sep 02 2022

    "You will hear nothing of me here ... Fidelio? They cannot give it, nor do they want to listen to it. The symphonies? They have no time for them. My concertos? Everyone grinds out only the stuff he himself has made. The solo pieces? They went out of fashion long ago, and here fashion is everything. At the most, Schuppanzigh occasionally digs up a quartet." Roll over, Beethoven. Yeah. 1822

    I know several men in the area with skills that are very hard to acquire. Last few years they all changed jobs to something simpler. Their replacements have zero skills. The people in position of power have negative skills. Interesting how it works last few years. I think printing trillions of USD is related somehow. Started in 2016.

    Sep 03 2022

    Bed, Bath & Beyond CFO Leapt To Death From Tribeca Skyscraper

    Blue dude, Red dude, Green bots, White creatures. + fifth element.

    Sep 04 2022

    Russians are considering opening floodgates on crypto. Because their gold was stolen, so why not? They will not.

    Sep 05 2022

    The terror against russians and ukrainians is not happening by "magic". The exact same mechanizm was used in the 90s and the perpetrators are the same European nations, who were involved in the 90s (to be correct - since the 80s. First acts of genocide started to happen about that time. I seen it with my own eyes). Now the fact that it is possible to stack an idiot against somebody smart, does not mean it's a winning strategy in the long run, but those, who do the stacking, they don't care about the long run. Very old people. Does not make them smart. Just old.

    Sep 06 2022

    They printed too much counterfit money, so they are now sending the counterfit money in spam. Third world country.

    Sep 07 2022

    Queen Elizabeth II has died at age 96. One week after Gorbachev.

    Sep 08 2022

    They're all a footnote in a second rate hungarian flick from the 70s. Sad. The question is if they manage to drag us with them. It Ain't Over 'til It's Over.

    Sep 11 2022

    Gamestop was weaponized PCA. Reversed. PCA is not that hard of a math. Trivial. To build something - need complex math. To destroy something - trivial is enough. Welcome to 1990s.

    US farmers going double-cropping. This means even less water for general population. Draining water into ocean does not help. "Big Short" warned about this openly. In 2015. "Idiocracy" warned about this not so openly in 2006. "Childred of Men" - also 2006.

    War moved to RU territory.
    War moved to AR territory.
    War moved to FR territory.

    Sep 12 2022

    UK is accelerating the machine. Boots on the ground, "only our island should have the stuff!" the usual. Only they now have to deal with the same madness they unleashed on the planet and it's not obvious how would they manage the taste of their own medicine.

    We are now all moving to Portland, OR. Planet scale. It's *not* that bad of a place, actually. There are some places worse.

    Sep 13 2022


    The first episode of British Sherlock Holmes (the taxi driver) is a stunning example of british math versus french/german math. Hardcore european mathematicians simply write it off as "this is not math". Only it is. It is ML math. Gives a good idea about the future also.

    Sep 14 2022

    Everything I produced in USA was stolen and re-sold. Or just destroyed. Every single thing. Even one of my domains now belongs to Chinese. The key episode of American literature is about a boy cheating another boy into slave labor. Golding was also right. In a way.

    Today I beat the European GM. Took about 2 years. And he is 100% wiped out by this time. Gone. And he did it to himself - 100% . *Very* sad what is going on in Eu. Such a tragedy ... "The young one" is 1960s. We are there. "Leon: The Professional" was 1994. 1994 was a bit better, I think, because people would rather live in the world of Leon, not in the world of "The young one". Both are very dark, yes.

    Nancy Pelosi is *not* a comedian. She is also not a clown. This means there is only one remaining trade going on this planet and that is *not* the trade of Y2K. This means Asian GMs will now go down. Hard.

    Europeans are trying to fuck up Ru with a fake choice. "Use your nukes or give everything to China". The fake choice - that's 100% diplomacy. When an *educated* Ru diplomat emerges, who is capable of resolving the fake choice - he is killed on camera. When educated (Uk)raine diplomat emerges, who is capable of resolving the fake choice - he is killed. This kind of bullshit can not work for a long time. Sooner or later the algorithm is becoming obvious and diplomats figure out a way to work around it. They are diplomats. Professionals. This means the clock is ticking on this "management" and it no longer works!

    Sep 16 2022

    Romanians requested Ukraine to give parts of land to Hungary, Poland, Romania (and Russia). They also want the war to be stopped under peace negotiations of Russia, USA, Germany, Ukraine and China. No Turkey / UK in the list. No Belorussia on the list. Not an official request yet.

    The *only* question is now the Anointing. I think it will not happen.

    Klingon. Philo Gubb. XKCD and Dr Fun got nofin on Philo Gubb.

    Belarusian State Chamber Orchestra Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi 2014.

    Sep 17 2022

    Pelosi in AR. Exactly one week after escalation in RU/AR/FR.

    The best possible way (hack) to maximize margins in business is to cut out the middle-man. And that is the *exact* opposite to politics (which is based on 'the more happy middle men - the better'). No wonder those two things have a bit of a problem with each other. Now when those things are blended with each other - that's the real hell. For everybody, who is outside business/politics, that is.

    Basically, I think that stealing everything from me and not even letting me trade on a very market that I built here - was a bit too much.

    The most interesting development of last 2 months is that crypto people are now stacked against internet people and crypto people have to prove they are better. And they can not possibly do that (because crypto was stolen from internet people, so the bubble has no legs). Poor (illiterate) kids are now asked to pass the exam they can not possibly pass. And failing the exam means "lost". And in crypto "lost" means death (or worse).

    Well, now after few years I at least understand why several years ago there was one idiot asking me about the mathematics. There is only one country in Eu, who is really obsessed with math. Because they don't have any over there. Zero. They have plenty of drugs, though. So to them it kind of looks like a good trade. Can't blame them, what you gonna do. Giving the control over entire USA to those people - that was some fucked up idea, indeed.

    Yeah. Crypto degenerates will now do what exactly? Turn water into wine, or something? Trump to the resque I guess. To the moon! And beyond!

    Sep 18 2022

    trump. ohio

    Sep 19 2022

    superescalation in Eu war. they say Sep 24. because referendums start 23. referendums move the standoff into nuclear legal territory.

    one of oligarkhs, destroying everything for 30+ years is giving the stock to workers for free (?). oh, the shit has to be real bad for that to happen (but then again he only talks about that yet, does not actually do anything yet. the prison laws had been changed, though. over promising and under delivering. tell me something I have not seen last 30 years)

    there is only one country in Eu that benefits from this bullshit in Ukraine. that country is pretty much no more already, so it is basically collapsing spectacularly. I think they will lose their lifestyle rather soon. These inhumane practices are simply not sustainable. "stolen gold", big deal. one year you have it next year you don't.

    BP refinery attacked in OH

    Sep 20 2022

    Crypto degenerates are preparing to leave this sorry planet. Details are in today's trading session and on a front page of WIRED magazine. Only they can not leave. "Like we replaced the Fed" degenerate was saying. Yeah, right. Keep dreaming, "world government". Bunch of loonies.

    Nasdaq is going crypto. Game over for many, many, many crypto entities. Unless they manage to sell. Every day they wait, their price goes down - as of today.

    In case you live in USA and still don't understand what happened in 2016. The US had it all. Wall St, Tech Companies (bound to Wall St), Banks (bound to Wall St) and reserve currency (USD) to hold it all together. Europeans had no chance. So they dumped a delusional lunatic into White House, and started the crypto bubble. To 'decentralize' USA financial machine a little bit. By this time "mission accomplished", but the side effect is nuclear war in Eu. And crypto will be chased out of US. It had no legs in US anyways. Crypto only has legs in China. Read a page "USD" and "Bayes" on this site for more explanations how it's done. Read fresh WIRED magazine to understand what the lunatics will be doing in US next. Nobody is hiding nothing. If you are not into reading - watch "The Laundromat" (2019) and "Big Short" (2015). Also : "Idiocracy" (2006). Yes, it was all clear to some people in 2006. +10 years you get 2016.

    Washington monument attacked in DC

    Sep 21 2022

    Internet was the (only) way to find a job outside control of local police. So this covid thing was primarily about that. "Let's wipe out all the jobs all over the planet and the rest will do itself". No jobs - people will fight for food. With each other. They turned the planet into gigantic prison. Well, they're "world government" and that's how they see the world. Crypto might be the only way out, but comes with a price.

    Yesterday Nasdaq went crypto. Today - the CEO of Kraken is out! The smartest guy. Since 2016 Kraken has rules openly discriminating against US citizens. Whoever takes over this legal disaster is being set up.

    Mobilisation in Ru.

    Sep 22 2022

    Distributed vs decentralised. Not the same.

    It took 100+ years to establish the brand. It took 4 years to destroy the brand. As of today there is two Bay Areas.

    People openly stacking one group against another on social networks - paid trolls. All of them. Asian trolls most likely.

    Yahoo mail. Disaster with storage.

    Sep 23 2022

    Fr/Ru vertical controlled by Belgium bureaucrats with Scandinavian rooting. The whole model of Eu governance cracked. People just could not take it no more. The rest is inevitable. Too much manipulation. Not enough organic governance. 30+ years.

    European leaders will hang for what they do in Eu since 2011. They know. Euro only existed as Merkel's project. It will be no more. Those assholes will try to drag us all to their graves. That's what "Ukraine war" is. Google "Chaushesku last speech". They know they are no better.

    Sep 25 2022

    Primed the Prime.

    Uk(raine) government moves from Kiev to Lviv. Pipeline hit in Eu. Snowden got Ru citizenship.

    Sep 27 2022

    Ru says to Us and Eu : no, we will not be nuking Uk(raine). No need. We will Nuke US. Period.

    Pardy Minassian. Some of her works are out of this world.

    Sep 28 2022

    Ru cuts the last negotiator they were accepting all these years. Submarine goes down. Tomorrow they sign.
    British say : 'pipeline was blown up and they don't see how Russians could have done that'. About time to sober up.
    Eu is in a state of delusion and denial. They are, unfortunately. All of them. 'World government' they say? Unlikely.
    Fast hit on few key bridges can stop the armageddon. Bloody safari has to stop, not isolating from lunatics is a disgusting gamble.

    Eu leaders will hang for what they are doing since 2011 and they know it.

    Hit on bridges is the only (so far) way to make both sides lose. That may be the only positive outcome possible.

    China basically said "no Nuklear hits on our territories please, we plan to live longer, than you".
    Few days after that Ru and US are going to sign Nuklear deal. The scope of Xi's influence is unprecedented, basically.

    Ru is still involved in green deals. That is, of course, insanity. Pays to be insane last 6 years.

    Sep 29 2022

    Ru signed that part of Uk(raine) is part of Ru. If NATO accepts Uk(raine) the same territory will become part of NATO (so part of Ru will become NATO (!). Yes, lawyers are interesting bunch. US is part of NATO (but some people claim various territories of US *not* be part of US). China decides so far. China decides everyhing so far.

    Albania and US tried to say "referendum is illegal". Ru says "fuck you". World government indeed. China is the world government. For a little while.

    Sep 30 2022

    People, controlling Russian Oil, push Russia to use Nukes. A bit too late for that.
    Uk now says "Russia blew their own pipeline!" Yeah, right. By the way, when something is called "Russian" does not mean Russians are running it.
    Eu says "a country should be behind this". They don't say which country and they might never tell the truth.
    Only the truth always comes out. When a question is being asked on NY talk show, or a speech takes place in LA.

    Word of the day is CDBC. And it is rather clear who wants that. 3 countries. CCSA.

    Big part of it is retaliation for the Yellow Vests.


    Oct 01 2022