Nov 14. 2022

Page removed after FTX debacle.

And then I decided to remove it completely after May 24 2023 - EU started to chop crypto feeds.

We'll be honest, May was a rough month for Bitcoin and crypto markets. BTC was down about 8% on the month and it decoupled from stocks (in the wrong direction)

June 12 2023.

The Bitcoin market has reached a stage of extreme apathy and exhaustion, with volatility measures and several key on-chain indicators reaching all-time-low readings.

Aug 15 2023.

The only chart one needs to know is the chart of population of DC. They keep the numbers since 1800. Check it out.

Aug 24 2023.

Terra / Luna *idea* was actually not that bad. Implementation was insane. For starters, they picked the wrong collateral.

Aug 27 2023.

Figured out Nash's stuff. It's a mess.

Aug 28 2023.

There is only 3 coins that currently matter. One is backed by stupidity. Another is backed by insanity. Third is backed by (simple) math. And there is also one, that is an index.

Aug 29 2023.
Blue crab, blue crab
Among the black rocks in the shade...
Blue crab - I dreamed of it in a dream.
He has eight paws
Two huge claws
And silver stars on the back.

Fishermen catch fish
Whalers beat whales -
Busy from morning to morning.
Only me since then
Forgot about everything ready:
I'm looking all over the bay for where my crab lives.

- Well, why do you need him
This terrible beast of the sea?
It's very easy to get into trouble with him.
He has a terrible look
He's probably poisonous
Neither boil it nor put it in a jar.

- I won't sleep for a hundred nights -
I will think all about him
I will think, I will swim and be sad.
I would just take a look
With one eye on him
Just like that - look and let go ...

I would just take a look
With one eye on him
Just like that - look and let go ...

Aug 31 2023.

Turns out some poetry is pure propaganda and some is not.
Turns out a computer can tell the difference.
Hello girls,
Hello boys
Look at me through the window
And throw your fingers at me, yes
'Cause I'm planting aluminum cucumbers
On a canvas field.

Three Chukchi Wise Men
They tell me, they tell me endlessly:
"Metal will not bear fruit,
The game is not worth the candle, and the result is not worth the labor",
But I plant aluminum cucumbers
On a canvas field

Evil white knee
Trying to get me
A knee pricks a vein with a stake
Hoping to solve the mystery
Why do I plant aluminum cucumbers
On a canvas field?

Buttons, paper clips, rivets,
Holes, rolls, forks,
Here my tractors will pass
And fall into the piggy bank, fall there,

Where I plant aluminum cucumbers
On a canvas field.

Sep 02 2023.

Maltese Falcon 1931 is not Maltese Falcon 1941.

For several decades, unedited copies of the 1931 film could not be seen in the United States; these restrictions were lifted following the demise of the Motion Picture Production Code in the mid-1960s. For television airings in the United States, the film was retitled Dangerous Female to avoid confusion with the 1941 remake.

Jordan, China, Palestine, Pakistan, Lybia, NK, RU, BY, CU, Austria, Slovenia, VE, Iran

I breathe silver and spit copper


Sep 03 2023.

This BTC thing is literally based on one of Norbert Wiener's statements (check out his definition of information) How many people understood him? *not*many*. He had his reasons to speak the way he did.

Sep 05 2023.

Gotta love work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In his book "Fooled By Randomness" he clearly and openly told everybody how to make as much money as they like from NY stock market. Then they asked him to write a paper on crypto. In that paper he (again - very clearly) told everybody, how to make as much money as they like from crypto. *But* he slightly altered the tune (the same way crypto altered the tune). The guy is brilliant in what he does. He could have only written one book - "Fooled By Randomness". Then if that book is too much (most people are illiterate), could have written only first chapter of that book! If *that* is too much for a reader, could just look at the book cover. The guy is perfect in what he does. True artist. TAlib is a library by the way. Techical Analyzis Library. And I also think that the real title of the book was "Fooled By Rand". The smart trader is under no obligation to explain everything, really.

And of course everybody likes it better, when they are told "a beautiful black swan took all your savings". Sounds better than "a bunch of illiterate degenerates with a few computers destroyed life of millions and millions (including your life)". The swan thing sounds more comforting. True artists can be dangerous.

I have to write this down. 1. Traders are not speculators. Two different words mean two different things. 2. Traders set up reliable routes. Speculators find the gaps. 3. The trader hates volatility (trade is a bridge. Earthquackes are bad for business). The speculator *needs* violatility more than anything else ("blood in the streets" and all that bullshit). Those two professions form the equlibrium. 4. Calling speculator a "trader" is ridiculous, but most people will never know the difference.

Sep 06 2023.
You can't say everything in one verse,
Life goes on in a magical, secret way,
You are knitting a long scarf for someone,
Just waiting for someone, not sad about them.

Thoughtful loops are falling,
You look at the knuckle - everything turns yellow bone,
And you don't know if he will come or not,
And what he will be, the long-awaited guest.

Will he knock on the window in the morning
Or with an inaudible foot will come out of the darkness
And with a smile, a little scary,
Everything will dissolve at once that you have tied.

Sep 06 2023. It was a long day.

Markov Chain -> "drunkard's walk". If your crypto casino people don't know about this little trick, somebody will rob your crypto casino some day. By changing one koefficient in one table. And you will never notice. The math is 19 century.

Three Poems - found the last one and then found remaining 2 and placed to the separate page.

Sep 08 2023

Figured out a killer app for each and every blockchain on a planet. I think whoever put this stuff in motion, they had that very idea in mind when they started it (some prominent VCs were making clear statements why they fuel this cycle of technology). The surprising moment? Not one of those promises was actually implemented in reality (how many more years it will take to implement a simple IOU? It's a joke. The barriers are *not* technical, the technlogy is out there for 6+ years now).

So it's not enough to declare the goal (like VCs did) also need to find a way to deliver on that goal. Took me few years, but as of today I can take any existing blockchain on the planet and uplift it. Don't think it's possible? It's possible. They all have no idea what is the endgame. They have no clue, clearly.

When some idea is simple, is declared openly, broadcasted to millions of people for many years and yet it is *not* happening, there is only one explanation possible. The stuff is important - planet scale. (And it is). There was only one movie openly talking about this element. Tarkovsky's Stalker. 1979. The scientist *only* speaks for a short time in that movie, but naturally, his words matter a lot. I seen that movie too many times and only recently I understood what is he talking about and the key principle of planet governance (that is being spelled out by the scientist. And like all scientists, he was not even making a statement. He was thinking out loud. Very elegant.) The movie is free. It's on youtube. It's dubbed. That very key principle has been violated recently. In EU. It might backfire. Gambling with key principles of civilization is really dumb idea.

Sep 09 2023

NY continues the "eliminate what we created" agenda. First blow was long time ago with "no mining allowed". Second blow was today (and it might become decisive).

Sep 10 2023

Cult influencers continue to feed of their followers. This is not sustainable.

If you google for "billiard balls paradox" you will find one abstract (and not interesting) stuff around hypotetical situation. The one that I rememeber (I seen it on TV long time ago) was *very* pragmatic and it was explaining for example why there is no way out of some situations - because the move that increases the entropy does *not* have the exact symmetrical move which will reverse the entropy. Last 6 years (and the next few years) are all based on that trick.

Sep 11 2023

"earth stands on whales" - I entered it into google search. And then the same into bing search. Holy Crap! duckduckgo is licensing bing engine, looks like. They're identical. yandex is a joke. I think they might be switching to Chat GPT engines now and I think the non-GPT web will gradually become complete garbage. And GPT web will be 100% paid.

Sep 14 2023

NFTs: Rememeber Them? Kids are crying, they need somebody to help them salvage NFTs. Well, to begin with, they should have studied Identicon thing before going into non-fungibility dark alley. 1. NFTs can be seen as a *superset* for any existing currency. It's hard to see because of chicken/egg smoke screen, and also because it goes back to some really dark civilization aspects. It's no coincidence, for example, that it was Don, who created Identicon, in the first place. 2. It took me a few minutes to blend Identicon with Crypto. No, there will be no links. Come visit Don. Or come visit me. We are both still in SFBA. Only counties are very different.

Sep 17 2023

With almost all Short-Term Holders now underwater on their position, sentiment has shifted towards the negative.

Speaking of Markov Chains. When picking up mushrooms in the forest, some people look under their feet. Some other people look up and far away.

Sep 19 2023

Plenty of things become obvious if one takes quadrant scales as "civilization" and "oil". It becomes rather clear, who is sliding towards 1:1 and who is climbing out of 0:0 (those are extremes). I am in 0.5/0.5 sliding towards 0/1. There is also one interesting place that figured it all out in the 70s and started to morph their 0/1 into 0.5/0.5. By stealing people from 1/0.5 segment. It became rather obvious recently, yes, but the process started in 70s. Talk about people, who think in centuries.

Sep 23 2023

Investopedia - Nash surprisingly good. (Non-surprisingly) rhythms with Taleb's "Randomness".

In EU villages are destroyed. In US cities are destroyed.

Something is a little bit off when the 'bums' ride electric scooters. Or when the 'beggars' are dressed better, compared to 90% of people around them.

Sep 24 2023

Nikolai Kozyrev - this is Wikipedia. The English article is missing the most important stuff about this particular guy. I did what he said should be done. And it works. His stuff works exactly how he described it should be done. Only you will need to check out the Russian version of the same article.

Sep 25 2023

I wish I heard about ZK math 20 years ago.

Sep 26 2023

Asian Cross of Crypto Insanity holds for several days now. Yes, I know about the pegs.

Sep 27 2023

Figured out the (simple) technology, that goes outside bonding curves, integrates the very old and forgotten (but one of the best) technlogies from Web 1.0 (yes, it's in the valley and most likely it's 100% free by this time). Not every blockchain works as-is, but they will all work with a bit of plumbing. Interesting times. The stuff was not implemented for 6 years now, I think that was only because they were firmly invested into insanity.
Children's holidays bustle
I split the day for firewood.
We'll stay with you until dark,
You pour another: - For you...

         The living water trembled in circles.
         We'll go up four frets
         And let's talk about snow, about sparkling ice...
         No one will come to our holiday.

Cover me completely.
Enough, let's go to rest.
Call my old gods
Calm down with the rattle of words.

         Let's bury the bitterness of quick victories.
         Where to look for grace for the remaining years?
         Only sweet grains of oblivion grass
         Let's leave it for now.

Everything will be forgotten, everything will pass,
The north wind will sweep it.
Let him knock on us until the morning
Wooden horse in winter.

         Everything begins and ends on time.
         Through the book dust of our first roads
         We won't see what we want to see,
         And again we will turn to our cradles,

To shout "Sesame!" at the closed gate...
On the nameless plateau the drifting snow is sweeping,
And the thin sides of the trees cling
For the rest of the short day.

1969. He somehow knew everything. He is all they got left. They were not many.

*Not* a good time to enter the markets. Any markets.

Sep 28 2023

Each and every one of those new EV plants is a new joint venture - e.g. LG-Stellantis. UAW is false advocating an automatic extension of the their union certification applies - but as a new JV, the union status need not apply. The UAW will have to fight for union certification at each and every new battery plant with ~3,000 jobs per EV battery plant.

Financing of those new EV battery plants a deep dive. EV battery plants with a $3-$4B capital investment are incentivized with $13-$15B in federal, state/provincial, municipal grants and subsidies. They corporations even being given a 50% discount on hydro rates, moratoriums on property taxes, and even the land in some cases. None of the government agreements are public. The only thing green in the green plan is the color of the borrowed taxpayer dollar lining the corporate pockets.

(If you cross the $15B government dime per plant against 3,000 permanent jobs per plant - that's $5M per job - but we are all to salivate over the each announcement of ~3,000 jobs added, which when the rubber hits the road will be substantially less. It doesn't take a lot of manpower to assemble a battery - it'll all be automated).

Sep 30 2023

Repression by brute force is always a confession of the inability to make use of the better weapons of the intellect—better because they alone give promise of final success. This is the fundamental error from which Fascism suffers and which will ultimately cause its downfall. The victory of Fascism in a number of countries is only an episode in the long series of struggles over the problem of property. The next episode will be the victory of Communism. The ultimate outcome of the struggle, however, will not be decided by arms, but by ideas. It is ideas that group men into fighting factions, that press the weapons into their hands, and that determine against whom and for whom the weapons shall be used. It is they alone, and not arms, that, in the last analysis, turn the scales. So much for the domestic policy of Fascism. That its foreign policy, based as it is on the avowed principle of force in international relations, cannot fail to give rise to an endless series of wars that must destroy all of modern civilization requires no further discussion. To maintain and further raise our present level of economic development, peace among nations must be assured. But they cannot live together in peace if the basic tenet of the ideology by which they are governed is the belief that one's own nation can secure its place in the community of nations by force alone.

Mises. 1927.

Bitfinex Manifesto

Oct 29 2023

The Bitcoin Supply is historically tight, with an all-time-high in coins held by Long-Term investors, and impressive rates of accumulation taking place.

"reentrancy bug" is a (trivial) race condition. they're not even highschool level. it's middle school, basically.

Nov 07 2023

The current General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and paramount leader of China, Xi Jinping, graduated from the school in 1979.

How exactly I know this stuff now? Nice place, by the way.

Trans Fee Mining was *clearly* the top. 2019. I wonder where are they all now.

Why did Fcoin suddenly shut down and where is the $130 million in investors funds? Da Bing, a weekly round up on crypto China, investigates.

Though Zhang has claimed he will make good on the losses, his whereabouts are unknown, and investors are understandably upset, And whether his intentions were good, or merely evidence of yet another exit scam is still very much in question.

Nov 10 2023

Oh my darling, my incomparable lady,
My icebreaker is sad, and my navigator is looking south,
And, imagine that a star from the constellation Swan
She looks directly into my copper window...

The wind flies directly into the same window,
Called in different places either monsoon or trade wind,
He flies in and flips through the letters with an obvious grin,
Not sent because the recipient disappeared.

Where is it, my baby, I missed you and didn’t understand,
Where, my friend, I parted ways with you,
Where, strumming a guitar, I walked past quiet symphonies,
Believing that these concerts are still to come.
And carelessly I poured Tkemali sauce on the lamb,
And in the mornings I looked at pictures on other people’s wallpaper,
And I was accepted by those who did not understand,
And they believed that happiness is a quality of lying.

Loneliness followed me and in the wavy shop windows
Reflected by a sad figure in a shabby cloak.
Cars were rolling along the wet asphalt behind the figure.
Absolutely empty, without any drivers at all,
And in deserted subway cars I flew through the years,
And in deserted ports I saw off and met myself,
And only bad weather danced with me,
And everything happened on this earth without you, without you.

Someone walked nearby and mumbled something - I didn’t hear it,
The TV poked beauties in my face - I went blind,
But relying on an old friend and skiing
I am still on this deserted land.

Oh my darling, my incomparable lady
My icebreaker is slipping in the ice, exhausted.
My golden girlfriend from the constellation Swan,
Don’t forget - give hope, come to your senses, save.


Take it from there, take it from here.
Where to put it later?
Hand in the eye, knee in the ass,
and live like this all your life.

And the day flies and it rains,
a car runs in the darkness,
and someone steals our life,
but it’s unclear who.

Hold-catch, forward, backward,
bastard, bitch, thief!
Take it from there, take it from here,
to whom to sell it later?

Bells, beeps, whistles, things to do,
at the end of it all - the graveyard,
and death came and life passed
as if the dog was down the drain ...

Whistle like a goldfinch and live well,
and also climb into the yoke,
then add both
and get shit.

And the rain pours and car flies,
lights, water everywhere,
but someone's gaze is watching, watching
behind me always, always.

Get in, fly into the window, little bird,
inhale the amber of shit,
shooting or death - one end,
and at worst - prison.

And life and death in one watch,
oh, strange kinship!
Supreme detective in the sky
and someone's theft.

You can't take me, you can't take me,
don't put rings in my nostrils!
hand in the eye, knee in the ass,
and head into a noose!


Everything in the world can be broken,
it is possible to create everything,
you can buy everything in the world
and sell the same amount.

How easy it is to put everything into an asset,
putting blood in the passive,
buying a big condom
love and dislike.

But no matter how long I pore,
but no matter how much you save,
look how little time you have had,
how little you bought.

Your trading house will burn down,
you'll jump out the window
but Someone from above says,
that it's all the same.

Oh, if only He didn't come
for several weeks
to a brothel similar to a bazaar,
and into the city - to a brothel.

If only He had not been here,
did not come into dreams,
if only the Lord had not stuffed
the country of my price,

then sombody would look ahead,
and somebody - on the sides,
happy people would watch
back in time

and someone would think about me,
and someone called
when death comes - in fire
he would bury me

and ashes in the wind! like dust
not an amulet on the chest!
As if it didn't exist. But there was ... 
but don't be like that yourself.

Farewell my stepson, my son,
watch me burn
and glance sideways
to my homeland.

Time will remain silent over us,
it will pass without saying
and someone's glory will scream
dumb - not mine.

In the uniform of your century,
like a little simpleton
enter, my stepson, into it
with a smile on your lips,

inhaling sperm and gasoline
in the middle of the day
enter the great store,
... don't remember me ...

31. Comment

Alas, an unfortunate example
for those who knew how to remember and love
their imperfect deeds...
But a cruel time is coming upon us,
It's time for crazy fire.

His best, hands down. I think he stole it from her.

"Favorites of the Moon" might open your eyes. 1984.

As per Gandhi and Napoleon, this thing is stage 2 going on 3. Only the scales are in fact not linear at all, it's some kind of Gaussian, with several years of long tails and then the pop. The dynamics is *100%* Gandhi. The "number go up" is September 2023. Hamas attack is October 2023. Yes, we are in the *beginning* of Gandhian stage 3. September 2023 is beginning of stage 3 (the pre-work was since the beginning 2023, of course. There were some Youtube videos and such, but it was still not the "number go up" level)

Nov 12. 2023.

Poets can not possibly hold their feelings. If you want to understand what was happening in some country - read their poetry for that period. 20 years ago major shit started to happen in one big, big country. The impact of that is happening today.

Nov 14. 2023.

It looks like defi is toast. *How* did they manage to lose it all? *How* was it even *possible* ? Well, whatever.

Nov 15. 2023.

Chapter 3 discusses how various social benefits rely on following these rules, even if we don't understand their rationale. Hayek also warns against pursuing social reform without considering the importance of these rules and the potential dangers of disrupting social order. In Chapter 4, Hayek applies his ideas about spontaneous order and the importance of rules to the development of law. He argues that law should be seen as evolving from customary practices rather than solely from legislation.

That's why.

Also, I figured out a little typo in Gandhi's formula. One word is missing. The formula is sure solid. But one word is missing. I wonder if he did it on purpose. He might have.

in 2021, an "absolute ban" on trading or using cryptocurrencies applies in 9 countries: Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, and the United Arab Emirates.

Nov 16. 2023.

So today I remembered two songs. Both were relevant. One was happy. Next one was sad. I googled both. Happy song can not be found! Sad song I found in a snap. Basically, those idiots are now hiding happy Russian songs. Way to go morons. Well, here is the sad one. Whatever.

Lieutenant drinks before the battle
A sip of wine from hiking flask.
In one hour, an iron system, 
He will leave in a mental attack.

The lieutenant smokes before the signal.
On the photo in the envelope
A dozen words -- so she knows,
How he loved an hour before his death.

Uniforms have long been checked:
Here to sparkle, where the shine is laid.
Both officer and commanders
Already more solemn and stricter.

The issue is resolved, the result is not important.
For Russia, for power, for honor, for faith
They will go through a field of six hundred meters,
Without touching the revolver.

Beautiful gesture, bad game ...
And Russian against Russian, and brother - against brother.
Good and evil my dearest land ...
You once confused.

The lieutenant will fall. Like a scarlet snake
Blood from the hot lips ... 
Gift from the Russian three-line rifle
A piece of lead is assigned to him.

Well, everyone is looking for proper death.
And we are not the law for each other.
But Russia! not at all cleaner -
My fate is guarantee of that.

And I am writing a motto on the flag,
And I go under a new flag.
And I'm in a mental attack
For many years, in crazy step.

And I walk by free will,
On the land where the fields are gloomy.
And I might fall on the same field
Not reaching the embrasure.

Ten lines on paper -
Farewell words for the dearest ...
How many of us in such an attack ...
Will we fall in bones in the fields of Russia?

Well, then there are sad songs that are *also* not easy to find, but at least they are still *possible* to find. There.

The grains fell into the ground, the grains ask for rain
They need rain
Cut my chest, look inside me
You will see that everything is on fire there
In a day it will be late, in an hour it will be late
In a moment it will be impossible to get up
If the keys don't fit the doors,
Knock down the doors with your shoulder!

Mom, we are all seriously ill...
Mom, I know we're all crazy...

Steel between the fingers, clenched fist
A blow above the hand, tearing the flesh
But instead of blood, poison froze in IT'S veins,
Slow poison.
A broken world, broken foreheads,
Gag broken in two
And now someone is crying, and someone is silent
And someone is so happy, someone is so happy...

Mom, we are all seriously ill...
Mom, I know we're all crazy...

You must be strong
You should be able to say
"Hands off, hands off me!"
You must be strong
Otherwise why would you be?
What's worth a thousand words
When is hand strength important?

And here you are standing on the shore
And you think: “To swim or not to swim?”

Mom, we are all seriously ill...
Mom, I know we're all crazy...
Nov 18. 2023.

To the crypto peoples of 2023, the guy from 1985 says "hi!". And he says it rather loud.
He is dead long time now, he has nothing to fear.
There is some kind of falseness in this motive,
But where can we find those who will hear it?
A grown-up child, brought up by life behind the closet,
Now you see the Sun, take it - it's yours!

I declare my home a nuclear-free zone!
I declare my yard a nuclear-free zone!
I declare my city a nuclear-free zone!
I declare my...

How weak the walls of our apartments are,
But no one person can lend a shoulder for everyone.
I see a house, I pick up chalk,
There is no lock, but I have the key.

I declare my home a nuclear-free zone!
I declare my yard a nuclear-free zone!
I declare my city a nuclear-free zone!
I declare my...
The fact that I like much of his poetry does not mean I see no bugs in his code. One of them was rather major bug.

He wrote that conclusions could not be inferred from empirical observation or statistical analysis and argued against the use of probabilities in economic models

That's the guy, who said that both Nazi and Soviets will not be able to sustain their systems. And I know he is right.

Nov 21. 2023.

In one day. Detonation of open ai, binance and argentina. Yes, all three are related.

It's actually rather simple trick. *Now* that we made all the money - it's illegal! Yeah!

Problem is - asians are no idiots and they knew about this trick 2 years ago. Means they are ready all this time.

Nov 22. 2023.

Figured out *massive* viral project. Bigger than IBC. (Which actually was ABC! Damn jokers) Can only be done LN style. Interesting times. Also figured out EU - Islands - US route.

"Q-Star" Breakthrough Seen As Threat To Humanity? You don't say! It's like Y2K bug, right? *Everybody* will die! Right? Need to bring AI scientists to the resque! Is there a Marin Biologist in the audience ???

Nov 23. 2023.

Internet presents plenty of noise. Signal/noise ratio is close to zero. Yet, it is *not* zero. I just got a crucial update on open ai. Ha! Good luck trying to find it. You will not be able to.

"Money mule". Banks now warn that they don't like competition.

Nov 24. 2023.

70s are going *really* strong recently. 101 kilometer rule - was enforeced in the 60s. To keep the capital "pure". Backfired in the 80s big time.
Tender Truth walked in beautiful clothes,
Dressed up for the orphaned, the blessed, the crippled, -
A gross Lie lured this Truth to itself:
Like, "stay with me for the night".

And the gullible Truth fell asleep calmly,
She drooled and smiled in her sleep, -
The gross Lie pulled the blanket over itself,
Then dug into the Truth and was completely satisfied.

And she stood up and made her bulldog’s face:
"A woman is like a woman, and why please her?!" -
There is no difference between Truth and Lie,
If, of course, both of them are undressed.

Deftly weaved golden ribbons from braids
And she grabbed the clothes, trying them on by eye;
She took the money, and the watch, and the documents, -
She spat, swore dirty, and left.

Only in the morning did Truth discovered what was missing -
And she marveled, looking at herself business-like:
Someone has already obtained black soot somewhere,
He smeared the pure Truth, other than that - looks ok ...

Truth laughed when they threw stones at her:
“It’s all a lie, and Lie is wearing my clothes...”
Two blessed cripples drew up a protocol
And they called her bad names.

They called her a bitch, and worse than a bitch,
They smeared it with clay, let the yard dog loose...
"Let there be no shred, - at kilometer one hundred and one
Evict, expel in twenty-four hours!"

That protocol concluded with an offensive tirade
(By the way, they labeled Truth with other people’s affairs):
They say that some kind of scum is called Truth,
Well, she got drunk and slept naked.

Pure Truth swore, swore and sobbed,
She wandered for a long time, was sick, needed money, -
Dirty Lie stole a thoroughbred horse -
And she galloped away on long and thin legs.

Some eccentric is still fighting for the Truth, -
Only in his speeches ... there is not much truth ...
The Pure Truth will triumph over time,
If she does the same thing, as an Obvious Lie!

Often spilling one hundred grams per brother,
You don't even know where you'll end up for the night.
They can strip you, that's the honest truth, guys, -
Lo and behold, your pants are worn by an insidious Lie.
Look, an insidious Lie is looking at your watch.
Lo and behold, your horse is ruled by an insidious Lie.
Figured out the most dangerous coin. It exists, but it's hiding *really* well. It might be the only one that has (some) serious brains behind it.

Nov 25. 2023.

So, with 1C EU is going back about 20 years, say. That's not good enough. Should do at least 50. "War with the Newts" - 1936.

The knowledge thing - it does not produce itself. Ignorance is reproducing easily.

Nov 26. 2023.

About this openai noise ... the guy from 1965 says "hi"! I was not even born.
...I didn’t skimp on the courses, I didn’t cram the strength of materials,
I am quite an extra person in the scientific world.
But here's what I know:

There was a machine selling sparkling water,
For a penny - without syrup, for three - with cherries.

      And with such freedom he traded,
      In an hour they drank it all.
      It filled the glasses completely,
      And no profit for people!
      And there is no benefit for people
      Not a tooth with a hollow compensation!..
      People began to look for a way out
      From a hopeless situation.

The guys sat down to think about who is to blame for the trouble,
Where is the mistake in the design, what is wrong,
The guys here dismantled the entire machine as it is,
They took it apart and eliminated the unrighteousness in it.

      Now turn around, otherwise we'll whip you!
      If you're fool, then you will become smart!
      We'll adapt you to the elections -
      You will stand like an urn in the Christmas trees!
      You stop, automatic, schoolboy,
      Stop being smart, automaton -
      We will wean you from taking liberties,
      We'll teach you how to cheat.

He worked hard for a week - trouble came back with him:
He shook all over, like a hare in the cold,
You won’t understand what he’s dripping - not syrup, not water,
Maybe paint, maybe grease, maybe worse.

      And he stands there, angry at everyone, like a mongrel,
      Now he cries, now he swears,
      These are people - they will adapt,
      And the machine - not so much ...
      And so the machine became a schizo,
      He scares everyone with his looks,
      Physicists can't understand anything
      The lyricists don't understand anything!

So let's not steal each other's ideas,
Don't blame your sorrows on each other,
And this is what I will tell you:

Maybe machines will become no more stupid than people,
But it won’t be very soon!
Nov 27. 2023.

Same year, same guy, but it's not about AI. It's about ML.
On Monday (it was in the evening)
My head hurt, it was like hell,
I show up at the garage to the dispatcher,
I say that I need to leave.

I say, let’s write out a ticket,
Farther to the north!
Don't smell me, I'm not drunk,
It's me who is so distracted out of boredom.

I went to a wedding on Sunday
Poked the vinaigrette with a fork, took a bite,
Only I didn't drink to Ksenia's happiness,
I didn't drink at all, but was... present.

I did neither a 50 ml nor 25 ml
Just sat chewing a piece of black bread,
I kept looking at the bespectacled Ksenia's groom,
How he pretended to be a scientist.

And maybe I'm from the seminary myself.
Maybe I'm a driver for the occasion!
I see that even the guests started eating,
Even Ksenia, I see, is a dark cloud.

Well, he sings like a choir at the all-night vigil,
All about the X's, Y's and Sines,
But his suit is nothing to look at:
Custom sewing, “here, take a bite” style!

And he doesn't live in Dubna Nuclear,
But in some research institute near Kashira,
He lies that he is the boss of the machine there
Electronic calculating machine.

He says he will order her: multiply for me
Twenty-five times nine and one hundredth, -
And then he sits, dangling his legs,
He enjoyes himself, and she works.

And she works without complaining,
Lights on the streamlined control panel!
Well, for us, for us among the robots,
What should we do, restless people?!

In general, I listened as if frozen,
And then something lifted me up.
I stood up and said: "For the happiness of the newborn!"
Maybe someone didn't understand - Ksenia understood!

And I left, it wasn't even twelve,
Slammed the door - celebrate, falcons!
And in some kind of prostration
I reached the Sokolniki station.

I silently put a nickel into the machine,
As if in a piggy bank for a chapel,
Well, it clanged, the wolf bitch,
And it tore my pants from top to bottom.

I don't remember further, only something ...
I cried and hit it with my shoe,
The cops whistled the bells,
The citizens laughed at the picture.

So come on, dad, be an ally,
I'll be going to the trial in a few days,
Oh, all this music makes me sick,
Fucking automatic century!

Nuclear deal could have been the bridge to desalination. Interesting times.

Nov 28. 2023.

Same guy. 1969. Clearly the top was 65-70. French branch messed up. Because one of the old idots said that "don't give the money to nobody!" Interestingly Rango was about that. 2011. Trick only worked for a little while. Rango had to run *very* far this time.

I counted elephants both odd and even,
And yet I did not fall asleep,
And then my devil appeared to me,
And he sat astride the chair.

And my devil said: - Well, old man,
Well, how do we decide?
Let's sign the union, and let's go to the stirrups,
And we'll make a little more mistakes!

And you will lie, and you will fornicate,
And betray your friends en masse!
And what you have to pay later,
So, understand, this will come later!

      Hallelujah, hallelujah,
      Hallelujah - later!

But then you will know how sweet sin is
This bitter time turns gray.
And that happiness does not lie in one for all,
But the fact is that everyone is as one!

And you will understand that there is no judgment against you,
There is no curse of yesteryears,
When together with everyone you say - yes!
And together with everyone - no!

And you will breed wolves on earth,
And teach them to wag their tail!
And what you have to pay later,
So, understand, this will happen later!

      Hallelujah, hallelujah,
      Hallelujah - later!

And what is the soul anyway? - Last year's snow!
And lo and behold, it will blow by like that!
In our atomic age, in our stone age,
Honestly, the price on shame is a nickel!

And who needs it, those 'goods',
If everyone goes to hell anyways ...
So come on, take the pen, old man.
And sign here, in the corner!

Here the devil touched his eyebrow with his little finger...
And he pushed the bottle towards me...
And I asked him: "Is this blood?"
"Ink," he answered...

      Hallelujah, hallelujah
      "Ink," he answered.

You know something is a bit off when the work your relative did 30 years ago is advertised as "the coolest technology of the future!"
Marcellus: Let's follow. 'Tis not fit thus to obey him.
Horatio: Have after! To what issue will this come?
Marcellus: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Horatio: Heaven will direct it.
Marcellus: Nay, let's follow him. 
Autotranslate does a decent job on this, but 20+ human translators (to Russian) - all of them did better. And of course "Nay" is *not* "No". Yeah.

Nov 29. 2023.

Rather unbelievable. The Youtube does hold the key movies from the 90s, openly available. Yet the movies are in a horrible resolution ( that's kind of to be expected ) yet they do have a few sentences dubbed in English - in the middle of the movie. Like two or three sentences. Basically, that's clearly insainity. Somebody bothering to translate *only* two sentences from the entire movie. Shit is bad in EU. Clearly.

1963! I can not belive this stuff somehow managed to become relevant. Yet here we are. Yes, it's always fucking mining. Literally.
Miner's Waltz

We've been called adults for a long time
And we don't pay tribute to boyishness,
And for the treasure on the fabulous island
We do not strive for the distant future.
Neither to the desert, nor to the pole of cold,
Not on a boat... to such a mother ...
But since silence is gold
So we, of course, are prospectors.

          Keep silent - you'll end up rich!
          Keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet!

And not believing either heart or mind,
Hiding our eyes for safety,
How many times have we been silent in different ways?
But not against, of course, but for!
Where are the screamers and sad people now?
They became noisy and disappeared at a young age...
And the silent ones became leaders,
Because silence is golden.

          Keep silent - you will end up being first!
          Keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet!

And now that we are the first,
We are fed up with the speeches of the pendulum,
And under all the verbal pearls
A blur of muteness appears.
Let others scream in despair
From resentment, from pain, from hunger!
We know that silence is more profitable,
Because silence is golden!

          It's so easy to get rich
          It's so easy to get into the first place,
          This is how easy it is to get into ...  executioners ...
          Keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet!..
Dec 02. 2023.