I study Bitcoin for a while now ( is my website, it runs one old version, I made a bit of progress since then)

Zero knowledge proof - read it.

So, you want to do another Dash fork

Short answer : don't

At this point of the game it makes little sense. Better find some existing powerhouse and help them. The question is not how long the fork will take, but would it be allowed to happen at all. Miners don't like when somebody disrupts the status quo and they have lots of power. Obviously. I've been contacted about dash forks several times by this time. One of the last McAfee projects was a dash fork. I have a way to make your project happen, but it will not be the way you want. Instead of running towards a disaster, first need to build defense. Defense will be your own token (like then circulation, then bonding curve. It's not a big deal really. Just do what this guy did: Story of Energi
(Not an endorsement of their timeline, but it's endorsement of their method, that can be applied to pretty much any case)

October 22 2021

Why bitcoin is unique:

1) Fungibility: Unlike other commodities (like oil, wheat or even gold), there are no varieties, purities or geographical versions of bitcoin. A bitcoin is a bitcoin. 2) Transportability: Bitcoin has no physical manifestation. As a result, it can be instantly transported from one location to another, anywhere in the world, at a cost approaching zero. 3) Exchange Tradability: Most commodities trade over-the-counter or rely on representative, derivative futures contracts because they lack the characteristics listed above. Bitcoin is unique in that it trades directly on exchange, allowing for open price discovery

October 26 2021

The head of the snake is in Europe

November 03 2021

What is my angle

I do bonding curves. It's not much, but I do them better, than many people on this planet. They moved all the people, who do that, from USA to HK. The last ship sailed a few months ago.

  1. In this 'crypto bubble' the only thing that they care about is how much (legal) money you can make using your idea (whatever the idea is).
  2. They don't fund nobody (that's by design, the logic is that if you can't make money trading, you don't know what you're talking about).
  3. Not only they don't fund, they take pride in trying to steal from you (because "should be solid") basically, there are many unspoken rules in that crypto bubble.
  4. Funny thing - the crypto bubble was pegged to Trump (because the same people did both things) so now both Trump and crypto bubble are going in reverse. (I can not prove this statement. This is a guess based on some similarities around news momentum vs financial instruments momentum)

November 04 2021

What is Bitcoin?

They ask many people about it recently and (professional) people tell bunch of nonsense. The reason is that we all have our limits. "Internet is a series of tubes" was not really far off. If Internet is a series of tubes to transfer bits and bytes, Bitcoin is a bunch of bits and bytes. With *huge* (but hidden) humanitarian payload attached to those bits and bytes. And the process only begun 4 years ago. Or 2000 years ago. Or 5000 years. Depends whom you ask.

November 05 2021

So, you want to do your latest and greatest Blockchain

Short answer: don't

Pick up after 2018 vintage. There is (was) a surplus. Can start with pink one.

November 17 2021

Put down your forks

Many open source projects lose their way after the dude, who wrote the core engine - disappears. Bitcoin is no exception. The BCH was the way out, but they missed the opportunity. There is no need to fork codebases to do a fork. Original Bitcoin engine had everything to scale out. Still has. I figured out a way do NFTs on BTC. No fork.

November 27 2021