On Data Languages

March 01 2017

Once upon a time there was SGML. Then HTML happened. Then came XML. After XML rebellion (one israeli, one saxon, a russian and korean), the JSON and YAML were produced.

Then the progress stopped. DL tried to make the next step, but it was single man effort (even though in retrospect - he was the smartest man in the room at that point).

DL failed. Was ahead of times.

I only found: http://www.dougengelbart.org/site/colloquium/forum/ba-ohs-talk/0203/msg00163.html

Then the dark ages of Google started.

Fast forward (almost) 20 years.

What we have at this point:

HCL looks top of the line at the moment as a language.

The next step is to uplift HCL to YAML / JSON status (implementation in all existing languages)

Could be done in exact way fish is coded: Fish

A week of work.

Another week to uplift UCL to YAML / JSON status, if desired.

At this point it looks very easy to start uplifting little guys into "cross industry standards" (could be fun too).

It's like stealing candy from kids in a way, but that is only because they *are* snowflake government spoiled kids, who sit on all the candy (for no good).

Basically, just need to make a github page, fork the language to uplift - uplift it. Look at other target - repeat.

The trick is to code things right.

As demonstrated by DL, single man efforts don't work well in this domain, so it might help to have two people, not one.

DM me on twitter, if you're interested in participating.

Update May 30 2019

I've figured out the next step after HCL (HCL was a good rehash of 2-nd wave markup languages, but they are syntax play, not model play). It is amazing how long this stuff takes. But what I have *is* the 3-rd wave. Like hierarchical - relational was.