Perl5 for UNIX is approaching EOL

I've been talking recently to various Perl groups all over the planet and it looks like not many of them understand that next year might well be the end of Perl5 (all it takes to decommission Perl5 forever is major UNIX maintainers to include Perl6 as default - that was the process tested before). It was done with systemd and then it was done with Python (2 vs 3 switch) so it's only a matter of time when that happens to Perl5. Now because last few years not many people were able to make a living with Perl5 coding, this kind of hostile termination of Perl5 on UNIX can be relatively easy to do.

That's why last few years various Perl shops are trying different approaches to deal with (imminent) discontinuation of Perl5. Some shops are rewriting everything. Some shops are investing into their own distribution (Strawberry Perl is the most active example). There were various other attempts under Perl 11 umbrella (not one solid enough, but there are some really good moves out there). Active State is no longer dedicated to Perl (they were never dedicated to UNIX anyways).

Now important moment here is UNIX also. After IBM acquired Red Hat, that basically marks the End of UNIX in Americas Enterprise. There were various notifications of that happening for several years. (Oracles Moves, Debian Moves, stuff like that).

There are of course some branches of UNIX that might still survive as a marginalized shops (BSD, for example, never left that niche and they are fine being who they are). Only I think there would be not much enterprise budgets coming into UNIX most likely (and that would mean even less enterprise support for Perl, which was non-existent last 12 years anyways).

I know how to save (and rejuvenate) Perl5 for UNIX. I used to provide my own Perl5 distribution very long time ago, I also used to provide my own distribution of UNIX (long time ago, based on Debian) that's how I know.

If your shop would like to get your own Perl5 distribution for UNIX going - I know how to make it self-funded. By doing the exact same move Perl did in the beginning of it's life. Some moves are described on my website

Pass around? Maybe somebody would like to give it a try.

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November 28 2021

Professional Xsl

Disclaimer There is my name on that book. I know, what I'm talking about.
I'm a software engineer and I code every day. In Perl. End of Disclaimer

If you think good technology can't vanish - think again. AxKit - Apache Axkit was retired in August 2009 Problem is, it was retired not because it was bad or something. It was actually retired because it was the only way on this planet to produce scalable and flexible rendering pipelines that can be used by humans.


application server produces xml (or csv, the data flow) -> preprocessor (php + templates, say, in case of AxKit it was of course Perl) -> CSS/whatever

The attempt that started it all was XML + XSLT , but they managed to mess up XSLT layer very badly (because language). So what happened, happened, but as a result the (only possible) pipeline, that was a brainchild of the smartest people on the planet with decades of publishing experience (academia) was ruined in *production* (elitism), so everybody started to dance around PHP + CSS since then. The *only* working solution was AxKit.

If you want to produce a better version of AxKit - I can tell you how. I made some progress on a language level since then. Making rejuvenated AxKit a keystone for rejuvenated Perl 5 distrbution is kind of a no-brainer. They try to do something in that general direction with "modern perl". Since Larry Wall retired they are all a bit lost. Unfortunately.

December 09 2021

Figured out the roadmap. Interesting how it took exactly one month. Zope-Beans Resurrection ( And 20+ years of course ).

January 09 2022