McAfee's Networking Appliance

or Ghost of Hamlet's Father 21st Century Version

There are all those VCs and open panels when they invite people to pitch their ideas. They don't fund nobody, I tried to get funding for 6+ years. They pretend they actually fund people. And they always pretend there is no fundable ideas. Here is a good question for (any) VC who pretends to fund people.

Annoying question

Before being killed in Europe, McAfee was asked all sorts of questions on all kinds of subjects. In one interview he described a design of networking appliance of new generation. The interview is on youtube. That's how I know. His design is spot on (he was a very smart guy), so every datacenter on the planet needs that appliance. Yet there is not a single company producing it. I know. I worked for Cisco. This website ( describes various parts of the puzzle. How can I possibly find a potential investor for McAfee's appliance? McAfee is dead and nobody is producing his design, so this looks like a clean deal to me. "Go to silicon valley" as a bullshit answer. I am already here.

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Apr 28. 2022

Some modern intrusion detection systems claim to provide McAfee's design. They don't.

Apr 30. 2022

One year passed. The appliance is making more and more sense (and less and less companies can possibly produce it now). Ironically, one of the ideas had been implemented in Switzerland (of all places) in the 90s, I've seen it myself, that's how I know. I've seen it in the Swiss bank. So I'm pretty confident about this stuff that I write here. Is silicon valley getting closer to Switzerland of the 90s? Not a chance.

Apr 26. 2023