Dec 11. 2023

Page removed after FTX debacle.

And then I decided to remove it completely after May 24 2023 - EU started to chop crypto feeds.
And then I finally decided to remove it completely on Dec 11 2023.
Because there was not one original thing in this bubble, so why bother.
It's very unlikely I will be restoring this page now.

So the guy comes to the store. Asks the meat clerk to slice the piece of ham. The clerk slices the ham. The guy says "I am sorry, it's too thick of a cut, could you slice it thinner?" The clerk slices in half. The guy looks and says "I am sorry but it is still too thick, could you slice more?" The clerk tries really hard but does the paper-thin cuts. The guy looks and says "well... yeah ... this is too thin, I can't have this". The clerk says "are you fucking crazy?" The guy happily answers, "Most likely, yes. But I'm also effective altruist! And I am running low on my meds, so fuck you!"

The history of men always has a theological signature and it can therefore be instructive to look at the current conflict between East and West in the perspective of the schism that divided the Roman church from the Orthodox one many centuries ago. As is known, the basis of the schism was the question of the Filioque: the Roman creed stated that the Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and the Son (ex Patre Filioque), while for the Orthodox Church the Holy Spirit proceeded only from the Father. If we translate theological language into concrete historical terms, this means - since the Son embodies the divine economy of salvation on the level of earthly history - that for the Greek Orthodox East the spiritual life of believers was not directly implicated in the plan of the historical economy. The denial of the Filioque separates the celestial world from the earthly one, theology from historical economics. And this - without the prejudice of other factors - can explain why the West - especially in its Protestant version - pays attention to the development of the historical economy which is completely unknown to the Greek Orthodox world, which seems to ignore the industrial revolution and remain anchored to feudal models. Translated into theological terms, the Marxist primacy of the economy over spiritual life also corresponds perfectly to the connection of the Holy Spirit with the Son which defines the Creed of the West. All the more fraught with consequences is the reversal that occurs with the Russian Revolution, when the Western model of the primacy of the historical economy is forcibly grafted onto a world spiritually completely unprepared to receive it. Once again, from this perspective, the failure of the Soviet model and the evident re-proposal of theological motifs in post-Soviet Russia can be explained as the return of the removed independence of the Holy Spirit, which rediscovers that central position that the communist regime had failed to erase . It seems all the more absurd that - while in recent decades the Roman and Orthodox Churches had been getting closer - the West, not by chance under the leadership of a Protestant country, now proposes - more or less unconsciously in the name of the Filioque - a war without quarter with Orthodox Russia.

Giorgio Agamben

December 20, 2023

Most important stuff about this life that there is, I learned in a few conversations 30+ years ago. Both conversations were rather random and lasted about 30 minutes.

January 07, 2024

Quantum is already here.

January 17, 2024

"Vegas casinos now commonly offer roulette wheels with three zeros"
No kidding.

January 24, 2024

What used to cost $4K here, it gradually moved to $500, then to $50, then to $5 and recently it moved to $1. They try to push it to negative territory, but I don't think it is feasible even.

January 27, 2024

A Texas Town's Misery Underscores the Impact of Bitcoin Mines Across the U.S.

"Bitcoin mining is essentially a lifeline for fossil fuels," he says. "It's ultimately creating a new industrial scale demand for energy at a time where we need to be reducing our energy use."

February 06, 2024

"Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller".

February 17, 2024

Just as languages like Greek or Sanskrit are historical facts and not absolute logical necessities, it is only reasonable to assume that logics and mathematics are similarly historical, accidental forms of expression. They may have essential variants, i.e. they may exist in other forms than the ones to which we are accustomed.

February 19, 2024

TaxBit Consumer will remain available through October 30, 2023, to ensure a smooth transition for our users. Users' historical data will be available for download through April 30th, 2024.

March 06, 2024

Digital banks are dead since Nov of 2022. That's a long time.

March 10, 2024

Japan is 100% correct in *many* statements they make recently.

May 18, 2024

Posterior Distribution = Prior Distribution * Likelihood Function