Nov 14. 2022

Page removed after FTX debacle.

Crypto is game of thrones. Bayes explains why. Handle with care.

Read the news, look at the charts - everything will now become obvious.
Maybe they will start regulating crypto (and if they do, it will all change again)

Dec 04. 2022

ROI on mining just went down massively first time ever.

If you are a crypto entity (still in business), there are simple questions for you :

There are currently around 10000 crypto currencies on this planet (6 registered with SEC as per SJMN Dec 23 2022).
Do you have a plan to operate in a world, when there are 1000 left?
Do you have a plan for only 100 left?
Do you have a plan for only 10 left?
How about only 2 left?
If you can not answer all of the questions - find somebody, who can. I can.

The math was openly published on this page for 2 years.(Twisted Euler).

Also, check out the movie "Line Goes Up". It's on youtube, it was produced way before FTX.

Dec 14. 2022

Binance Banking line was disrupted for several hours and nobody could have predicted if Binance status is equal to FTX or not.
That was a clear warning shot, if people need more warning shots.

"There is at least two sides to every story".

Dec 18. 2022

The Epic Collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX Exchange: A Crypto Markets Timeline

If you can read the chart, it should be rather obvious what happened.
If you can not read the chart, find somebody, who can. I can.
One of important things is that the cycles are now week by week.

Trump is pumping NFTs now.

Dec 23. 2022

Few years ago I implemented one little technology (listed on this site). There was one major crypto-company, who tried to clone it and then they made a substantial money. At some point those people actually contacted me and insulted me for whatever reason. Long story short - after FTX, the market cap of that particular coin dropped 99%. So they lost all those money (and all those years). Worse yet - the technology they produced is *sub*optimal*. That is the biggest problem for most of crypto entities. 99% of them overpromise and underdeliver. If you can't differentiate between 99% of no-value and 1% value - find somebody, who can evaluate the *technical* side of the coin. That will save you substantial money. I, of course, can evaluate.

The reason I stress out the things that I know and/or can do - somebody else also knows.

Dec 27. 2022

I removed this statement, because it was related to lawyers and fintech regulations and I can not really make expert statement about that stuff, really

Jan 05. 2023

Second warning shot had been fired on BNB. It's called 'STFR'.
EU Media started to openly broadcast insane statements. First time in 30 years.

Jan 07. 2023

Between 2000 and 2008 technologies of aggression were converted into technologies of defence in SFBA. 8 years of progress.
From 2008 to 2012 was some kind of an equilibrium, I think.
After 2012 the reverse process was ignited. So it was supposed to end in 2020 then? Nah. Going stronger, actually.
Tuning a guitar has limits, checks and balances. "UN-tuning" a guitar has no limits. Progress has a ceiling. Regress has no bottom. I just learned about one little language they are going to unleash on this planet.

Crypto was a beginning.

Feb 03. 2023

Peak of the bubble was Nov 1st 2021. (Everything was pegged to BTC) but why whould people think it will go to zero? It's pegged to too many things, really. Gaming is one of those things.

"A cryptocurrency is not a currency, not a commodity, and not a security. Instead, it's a gambling contract with a nearly 100% edge for the house".
"nearly 100% edge" is *not* "100% edge". Google is hiding this stuff, by the way.

I can prove pretty much everything I write to the internetz. It's a habbit, I acculumated it in course of 30+ years.

Feb 05. 2023

NFT on BTC somebody is trying to solve my puzzle (which is "NFT on BTC"). They are (of course) doing some crazy stuff, not being able to understand the puzzle. Crypto crowd is really something.

Feb 24. 2023

So that thing, that I've written here on Dec 23 2022. About the coin that lost 90% +. Yeah. It was not the Bannon's coin for crying out loud. This "90%+ loss" is now going mainstream. I am not mainstream.

Mar 02. 2024

Yeah. They can not actually put the crypto back in the bottle completely and forever.

Mar 02. 2024

So they consolidate it in a few places. The snake is crawling back to where it came from. "The Adventure of the Speckled Band". 1892. Very impressive, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Who died in 1930.

Mar 09. 2024

Upwork just raised their fee. "Stack upwork pseudo money!" Bunch of loonies.

Mar 11. 2024

SVB exploded like FTX exactly. Exactly 4 months later. There was only one person, who pulled the trigger. Looks like they are allowed to blow one of the stashes every quarter. Also, why is it that all the money on the planet are now being stashed in SFBA? And why at the same time everybody is getting dirt poor in SFBA? I actually know the answer. I will politely not write the answer here.