Crack in BTC Foundation

January 21 2021

Crypto Crime Cartel: The end is nigh for Tether

Or how about when Tether went to great lengths to represent that each Tether (USDT) is backed 1:1 with the U.S. dollar, a position it maintained right up until the point where they had no other option to concede the truth by admitting - via sworn affidavit - that at best, each USDT is backed at a rate of 74%, and not even necessarily by pure U.S. dollars?

Tether price manipulation

has become too big to fail. Bitcoin now finds itself a high tech manifestation of the very thing that Satoshi sought to address

The Bit Short: Inside Cryptos Doomsday Machine (Jan 14 2021)


In Short. Any bank with couple Bln $ can collapse the whole crypto ecosystem. The page says how.

To be crystal clear: every time you sell Tethers on Kraken, you are forcing Tether Ltd. to pay you in US dollars. If you can manage to sell enough Tethers for USD on Kraken, then Tether Ltd. will run out of dollars and this whole machine - which currently undergirds 70% of all crypto trading flows - will fall apart.

Updated: January 22 2021

The run of BTC was that *all* the crypto brokers on the planet were mandated to *convert* the Ripple holdings into BTC (hence forcing the demand for BTC! )

This was my tweet from January 8.
BTC market cap: $700 Bln.
ETH market cap: $149 Bln.
LTC market cap: $11 Bln.
XRP market cap: $21 Bln.

It's dog eat dog. To fuel BTC run they *had* to kill somebody. XRP was the only "somebody" in the room who both had the money and had no protection at the same time.
And another tweet from January 3.
Dec 17 - Coinbaise starts going public. 
Dec 22 - SEC attacks XRP. 
Dec 31 - Coinbase obeys to attack on XRP.  
Almost instantly XRP trading halted by (many) brokers (because they look at Coinbase). 
Jan 1 - crazy run by BTC and (of course!) ETH. 
*Exactly* as predicted by XRP's CEO.
This is by Ripple's CEO : The SEC's Attack on Crypto in the United States (Dec 22 2020)

Updated: January 22 2021

There is 'explanation' why the Doomsday article should be ignored. The explantion is here: DanHeld

It starts with an image of a crazy dude. That's because this cycle of internet is based on pictures. It does *not* provide the URL to original article. And it does not really address several most important issues.

My tweet BTC vs EU vs US (Jan 27, 2021)

BTC is better defense from EU capital controls 
(it's also defense from US capital controls, but slightly less effective). 
That explains why BTC is basically illegal in Europe. 
Only select few hub companies in Europe are allowed to touch crypto. 
It's license to print money.
I basically calculated percentages of the same explosion that happened today in the markets, and aftershock impact was distributed like this:
EU  : 40%
US  : 20%
BTC : 30%

After Sec took out Ripple and Biden took out Keystone, the attack on Stock Exchange is unrolling

My tweet BTC attacks US stock market (Jan 27, 2021)
It's clear what they are trying to do. 
They are trying to consume US stock market with proceeds they accumulated from BTC market. 
They attacked only one stock, though, so they don't really have that much ammo.
Reddit makes AMC, GameStop stock go wild: This 'insane' 'Ponzi scheme' can't last Nasdaq CEO Suggests Halt to Trading to Allow Investors to 'Recalibrate Their Positions' After GameStop Surge

Bad journalizm. Should be "Nasdaq CEO explains implications of pump and dump". Problem is - Nasdaq CEO is using provocative wording! Is that stupidity, or malice?

January 28 2021

First it was bad journalizm. Now they are 'fixing' things in a way that can only piss off people. I can not belive this is first time Wall Street has to deal with Pump and Dump. Clearly something else is at play.

Trump's buddy explains
January 29 2021

My tweet
They are trying to decentralize BTC. 
The funny doggie coin, the stock, the *whatever*. 
4 years are over, time to present the value. 
A clip with a flying dog? That's the value? 
Interesting, how would they manage.

February 02 2021

My tweet
Particular ports are being slowed down (not blocked).
Exactly like one ex-European prime minister said.

In my case it basically destroys one highly-profitable (real-time) trading strategy. It is application-specific attack, not the broker-specific (I tested several brokers). Also - every other thing works (including in-browser trading). Baiscally, some real-time indicators are wiped out by this.

February 08 2021

Musk pumped BTC to new levels. Tesla buys $1.5 billion in bitcoin, sending its price soaring

Also found this: tweet
The GameStop Turducken of Scammery....
This is both amazingly amusing and also remarkably dangerous.  So lets go through the layers.

February 09 2021
Found a way to drop 3 zeroes from original article.
There is still few zeroes to go, of course.
February 15 2021
Exposing The Robinhood Scam: Here's How Much Citadel Paid To Robinhood To Buy Your Orders
February 18 2021
Another Big Conflict Of Interest Emerges For Citadel Just Minutes Before The Congressional Hearing
Citadel is in trouble. I knew that months ago from one of their job postings in Europe - on one obscure University's job board.
February 21 2021
Found a way to drop another 3 zeroes from original article.
Problem is - USA has no access to those mechanizms.
There is only one operational and it is clearly selective (because unregulated).
Gotta give to Switzerland. They did it again.

February 23 2021
Figured out the entire pipeline of exchanges, the beginning, the middle and the end. Original article (and the guy who called big short) provide some validation.
February 26 2021
I know only one guy of my level now, this is his website :
I tried working with him, there was a good experiment my robots traded against his system.
You can ask him about the results, he is approachable.
We don't agree on some important moments in life, but his project is the strongest statement I've seen on the internetz regarding to Currencies and Central Banks.
Crypto is not currency and it has no public Central Bank behind it, so it's different. Still there are some similiarities.
February 26 2021
Figured out how to scale out liquidity of BTC times N.
If I can see it - somebody else will see it.
No, not Elon Musk. He is on ETH side of things.
February 27 2021
Please give us $15K and we will detonate millions of $
It is no joke actually. Most likely, these are the people, who brought trump to power.
They used stacked gold (expropriated) and UK exchanges for paper trading.